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Plastic and Rubber Components from Vital Parts

Vital Parts has a huge range of End Caps to suit every problem ranging from standard Round PVC Caps to Hi Temperature Silicone Caps which can withstand 315 Degrees Celsius. We have a large selection of Nut Caps, Post Caps, Heat Shrink Caps, Threaded Caps, Tapered Caps, Flange Cover Caps, Square Caps, Hex Caps, Silicone Caps, Cone Caps, Rubber Caps...and the list goes on. We supply all of our range from individual pieces to hundreds of thousands so whatever your requirement, Vital Parts will be able to help. Examples of how some of the different cap ranges are used are for such things as powder coating with our high temperature silicone caps, or protecting threads whilst in transport with our stud caps or just quite simply protecting a fence post with our post caps, so if you have any questions please call our Sales Team any time on 01233 713 581 or email at Sales@vital-parts.co.uk
Vital Parts has a massive range of Plugs to suit every situation ranging from Silicone Tapered Plugs which can withstand 315C to Fir Tree Plugs which can be used as panel fasteners. We also have a huge selection of EPDM Tapered Plugs, Tube Insert Plugs, Blanking Plugs, Threaded Plugs, Tapered Plugs, Tube End Plugs, Silicone Ribbed Plugs, Barrel Plugs, Closed + Open Grommets, Full Face Flange Protectors, Flange Cover (Stud hole Insert) and Desk Cable Tidies. We have the ability to manufacture any custom plugs to any requirement so if you have any questions please contact us on 01233 713 581 or email at Sales@vital-parts.co.uk
Furniture & Chair Feet
Our Furniture & Chair feet are one of our most popular ranges here on our website. Our range includes thousands of different styles and variants of both external and internal fitting chair feet, these are available in both Rubber & Plastic to suit your specific needs. Our Plastic & Rubber ferrules are widely used as replacement chair & furniture feet to provide grip and to prevent slipping when on specific surfaces, we are also able to offer many non-marking solutions that help to prevent the scratching and damaging of flooring when used in conjunction with our replacement feet products. Our range covers both tubular fitting feet which are available in Round, Square, Oval & Rectangular and external slip on feet which are available in a range of rubber ferrule styles as well as plastic furniture feet options.
Tube Inserts
We supply a huge selection of plastic tube inserts, threaded tube inserts and Metal inserts to suit all uses that you may have. All of our inserts and tube inserts are made from the highest quality materials possible whilst maintaining their cost-effectiveness, this ensures that we have the perfect product for you and your application. They are regularly used across a number of different industries to replace and repair tube ends, this can be for either aesthetic or functional purposes such as when used as Chair feet which our Round angled internal fitting inserts are famously used for. We always ensure that we keep a large range of different sizes and variations to suit all uses that you may have, we also keep a number of colours in stock for industries that require specific colouring for coding etc.
Powder Coating Masking
We hold a wide range of standard masking solutions as well as a range of high performance, technical products such as high temperature tapes, caps, plugs, hooks & kits which are made up from premium materials including EPDM, Silicone & Copper. This is one of our most popular ranges with a massive range of powder coating masking solutions to suit any application that you may have, with our range of kits which have been put together to keep your costs down. We are also able to offer many hanging solutions in the form of copper plated masking hooks, these are excellent for use with alloys and other tricky applications where a full coat may be a difficult outcome without something to hang it with, these are available in C, V & S Variants.
Adjustable Feet
Adjustable Feet are offered in a wide variety of different sizes and threads. Our adjustable feet range includes, General Fixed, General Articulating, Weight Rated Fixed, Weight Rated Tilt and Full Metal Machine Feet. They either come with a reinforced nylon or metal base to help spread the weight and stabilize the application it is fixed to. These adjustable feet are widely used across a number of industries where standard chair feet won't support the weight or they simply require an adjustable solution, each foot has great weight capabilities which helps to ensure good weight support as well as a sturdy application. If you would like any help with adjustable feet or machine feet then please call one of our sales team today on 01233 713581.
Hand Grips & Sleeves
Hand Grips and Sleeves are made from a dip moulded PVC and are most commonly used as a comfortable hand grip on a number of different applications. They come as standard with a high gloss finish and in a range of different sizes, lengths and colours to suit, our range includes Round hand grips, Square grips & Rectangular grips or sleeves. Our Round hand grips are available in up to 12 different styles to suit any application that you may have, whether its a handle for a pram, or a handle for a pedal-bike, we have the solution for you. If you would like any help with hand grips and sleeves, please call one of our sales team today on 01233 713581.
We stock a massive range of different Rubber Grommet solutions, these include Stepped, Quick fit, Open and Closed Grommets which are some of the most popular options that we offer here. Grommets are most commonly used to thread cables through to protect them against exposed edges, although they can also be used with Piping or tubing to protect and to create a seal to prevent the ingress of dirt, water etc. Every one of our products here has been made to fit all Building and electrical regulations to ensure their effectiveness across all industries and uses.
Heat Shrink
Heat shrink is a widely used product across a number of industries, it's made from a Polyolefin plastic which is what gives it its 'shrinking' properties. Heatshrink is commonly used within the electrics industry to repair frayed or exposed cables and to join them together, this helps to repair them and prevent it from happening again. The different heatshrink products that we offer are Heat shrink caps, Adhesive lined heat shrink, Heat shrink 2:1 & Heat shrink 3:1, this helps to give a full selection of products to ensure we have the ideal choice for you.
Edging Strip
Vital Parts produces a huge quantity of edging strip for such industries as automotive, construction, aerospace etc. available in a range of different profiles and materials to suit, or with a self adhesive backing for ease of application. Edging strip is very popular to prevent exposure of sharp edges and gives a nice even finish to the application, we can produce edging strip which ranges from a reinforced metal which helps hold itself to the application, to a custom high temperature silicone edging strip which will be able to withstand temperatures up to 315 degree Celsius, so get in touch today to one of our team if your require a custom profile on 01233 713581
School & Office Products
Our School & Office products range has been put together to give people inside the educational & office industries a better idea of what we have to offer for them. This comprehensive range offers a number of high performance and standard solutions to suit a number of different applications, whether you require some replacement chair feet or are looking to lock off some nuts or bolts to prevent access, we have put them all in one place for you. Some of our most popular School & Office products includes our desk cable tidies which are widely used in both schools & offices to tidy up cables to prevent slipping, tripping and damage that can be caused by having a messy wiring system, these cable tidies simply slot into a hole in the desk to provide instant benefits.
Handles & Handwheels
Vital Parts are pleased to offer a large range of handles and knobs for almost every situation. Hand wheels and Knobs are supplied in both Male and Female threads and are perfect for controlling the tension on adjustable parts, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish or simply just a practical solution to a problem. Our Handwheels section includes a number of different styles to suit your specific application, styles include standard, soft touch and lightweight. This range has proven to be very popular with our customers but if you require a custom hand wheel please get in contact on 01233 713581 to discuss your needs.
Flange, Hydraulic & Pipe
Vital Parts is pleased to offer a huge range of Flange and Pipe protection products which are great for use whilst either transporting, storing, shot blasting, powder coating or just simply protecting. We supply these products in a range of different styles from Self Adhesive Flange discs with a specially formulated low tack adhesive and a neoprene rubber material to protect the face of the flange, or an encapsulating style which fixes and covers the whole of the flange head for overall protection. All of our products have been tried and tested to the highest levels to make sure they are perfect for the specified use and if you would like any help with the products please contact us on 01233 713581 and one of our trained staff within these products will guide you to the perfect choice.
Scaffold Protection
Our Scaffold protection section includes everything you need to protect both your Scaffolding and staff members, with a number of highly tested products, we have one of the best scaffolding ranges you will come across. Manufactured in a highly visible colour scheme, our End caps, Bolt caps & Scaffold inserts will meet your health and safety requirements whilst providing a low cost solution which is essential to keep site costs down. All of our products have been designed to fit and work with Scaffolding, therefore each product has been made to industry standard sizing to prevent sizing mis-matches and to provide ease of use. We are also able to offer rebar impalement protection in the form of rebar mushroom caps, these sit on top of the exposed rebar to prevent impalement and to meet with the sites health and safety standards.
Custom moulding
At Vital parts we specialize in providing high quality custom moulding for our customers, we are able to help produce and manufacture any product you may be interested in creating through our team of experts. We are able to offer a number of different services including injection moulding, overmoulding, rotational moulding & extrusions to suit your specific project needs. With a vast range of materials and techniques out there that we can use, the possibilities are endless so be sure to take a look at some of the services we offer below and get in touch.
Gaskets & Rubber Seals
Our Gaskets and Rubber Seals have a wide range of uses within such industries as Oil & Gas, Hydraulic, Manufacturing, Fabrication etc, where they are used to protect, seal and cover. Some of the different Gasket and rubber seal solutions that we offer include EPDM full face gaskets, Rubber insertion gaskets, rubber washers and O-Rings. Each product is available in a huge variety of sizes and variants to suit your specific Gasket, we are also able to offer O-Rings and Rubber washers in hundreds of different sizes.
Fasteners, Bushes & Spacers
Our Fasteners, Bushes & Spacers range includes a number of extremely useful and functional products that are widely used across a number of industries. Our fasteners range includes both metal furniture fixings (T-Nuts, D-Nuts & E-Nuts) and plastic fasteners, our plastic range includes Fir tree plugs, Secure Nut caps & Blanking plugs, this ensures that we have the ideal choice for your specific project. We are also able to offer a comprehensive selection of Nylon bushes, Washers and Spacers which are also widely used in a number of projects to add integrity and to finish things off.

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