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Adjustable Feet

Our Selection of Adjustable Feet

Ready To Install Sets
Ready To Install Adjustable Feet sets are a brand new product into the Vital Parts range, offered for mounting uses, for insertion into wood and for tubes. As a quick and easy fitting these come with all the parts required to add a strong footing to your application, whether its furniture, machinery or general equipment. Ready To Install Sets are designed for use with Furniture, but have enough strength to be used with Machinery & Heavy objects as required. Available with M6 to M12 threads, you can choose based on your needs and fitting.
Rubber Adjustable Feet
These fixed rubber feet are a popular threaded feet solution, coming with a rubber base as standard these feet are ideal for use with hard flooring to prevent slipping and keeping the application stable. Also available in tapered and straight sided, you can tailor these feet to your exact requirements, providing you with the best possible component for your application. Rubber adjustable furniture feet are a widely used choice for large applications and are excellent when used with heavy objects such as desks or sofa's which tend to be fairly heavy pieces of furniture. When used as Threaded Machinery feet these allow for an incomparable level of anti slip properties, making them an extremely popular and ideal choice for use with hard floorings that are likely to cause potential slippage when working with heavy loads.
Stainless Steel Adjustable Feet
Stainless Steel Feet are a new product to our huge selection of Adjustable Feet. Used mainly within Food related or Hygiene based industries, these are produced using high quality materials that have been carefully selected to meet certain regulations such as FDA & USDA requirements, which are a standard inside such industries. Perfect for a clean and concise warehouse, these are compatible with anything from small objects to conveyors, thanks to their truly vast number of thread sizes and base diameters which are available (ranging from M10 to M30 & 40mm to 75mm).
General Adjustable Feet
General Adjustable Feet are part of our new, 'economy' range which offers a cost effective option for all kinds of applications. Available in Articulating and Fixed styles these are suitable for use with machinery, furniture and appliances, to provide footing and stability with a surface. Articulating type Adjustable Feet are recommended for uneven or rugged floors, acting as 'levelling feet' to offer a stable base. Commonplace for use with tables, general feet offer all of the height adjustment and stability which is required for such a use, just without the price-tag of other, more bespoke options which are available.
Low Profile Adjustable Feet
Our low profile threaded feet are a specialist type of adjustable foot due to their 'low profile' design which allows them to fit and work with low lying furniture or objects. Also used as a discrete solution these low profile feet / table feet are commonly used with furniture and partitions however they can be used anywhere where a thread is present as they are a simple screw in solution, preventing the need to take time for installation. Most commonly used in conjunction with furniture as adjustable furniture feet, or as feet for tables these provide a hidden solution, preventing them from being seen underneath a desk or chair for a flush fit. With their reinforced nylon base, these are suited for adding grip to a surface with a good weight rating which helps to spread their load and increase reliability. Especially when used as table feet, or feet for tables to add height, or stability to a heavy desk. Coming in sizes from M5 - M12, these are some of the smallest thread sizes that we have on offer, hence their popularity.
Weight Rated Tilting Feet
Weight Rated Tilt leveling feet or threaded furniture feet as they are also known are ideal for heavy duty applications and industrial machinery. They are made from a reinforced nylon base and a strengthened steel stud which are perfect for machinery that sits on an uneven floor. These weight rated tilt glide feet are one of our most specialist and sought after adjustable leveling feet parts that we offer here, this is due to their tilting ball joint base, this allows for a full movement or angling of the base so that it sits perfectly on the surface, this can be angled, straight or even uneven. The weight rating also allows for a strong level of support, with up to 2000kg of ratings available depending on the size of the thread and base of your preference. As a weight rated variant of Threaded Adjustable feet these are able to go above and beyond most of the other variants that we offer here in our range, this is because of the high end materials that are used as well as a tested weight rating which guarantees their use with a large amount of weight, something that isn't offered with most of our other solutions. If you would like any help choosing your weight rated Threaded machinery feet please call a member of our sales team today on 01233 713581
Tilting Adjustable Feet
These threaded feet are a commonly used form of leveling feet due to the slight tilt or articulation that these tilting feet allow, with up to a 20° tilt these are excellent for use with machinery and Conveyorbelts which may not require being straight up, rather at a slight angle to make them easier to use and to access. When used as threaded feet for machinery these come with a unique moving thread, preventing the base from moving at all throughout the tilt, preventing a loss of stabilization. These are a popular part for use inside factories and industrial style establishments due to their ideal weight rating and large thread sizes which go up and beyond M24 which are extremely heavy duty in comparison to standard threaded furniture feet which often have a much lower rating. When used as table feet, they can help to adjust the level and angle that a table is articulating to, offering a flat surface for you to work from. A flat 'levelled' surface is a requirement for all kinds of desks, tables, chairs and appliances, hence their consistent feature inside our range of products.
Weight Rated Articulating Feet
Weight Rated Articulating Threaded Adjustable feet as they are also known are ideal for heavy duty applications and industrial machinery. They are made from a reinforced nylon base and a strengthened steel stud which are perfect for machinery that sits on an uneven floor as the base is not fixed but articulated, this prevents wobbling and tipping from easily taking place which can happen when momentum builds up with industrial and/or factory machinery. These articulating adjustable furniture feet, or threaded feet for furniture, are weight rated which means that it has been tried and tested up to a certain weight standard, this is usually extremely high for this type of feet with a max rating of up to 2000kg per foot meaning that it is excellent for leveling out machinery. These are one of our most likely parts to be used in conjunction with machinery due to their excellent weight rating and articulating properties that allow their use across a range of flooring rather than the one which is common with other solutions that we offer here such as our general fixed version. When used as Threaded Furniture feet these are comfortably able to deal with the weights that they are going to be expected to work with due to their weight rating of up to 2000kg which isn't achievable solely by household or workplace furniture. As a weight rated form of levelling feet these hold some of the heaviest ratings available, perfect for use with heavy objects rather than their standard articulating counterparts which are suited more to furniture or appliances. If you would like any help choosing your weight rated threaded machine feet please call a member of our sales team today on 01233 713581 and they will be happy to help try to find the best solution possible for the job at hand.
Slotted Head Adjustable Feet
Slotted Head Feet are yet another option within our range, now designed with a 'slotted' head, compatible with almost every drill or screwdriver. Having this slotted head allows for a quick and effective adjustment from above, something which is common-place when used as Machinery Feet, or with large/heavy appliances. As a large selection, we have almost every base diameter, thread size (stud size) and weight rating available to meet your needs.
Polyamide Adjustable Feet
Our Polyamide feet or Threaded Machinery feet as they can also be referred to as, are manufactured using a handful of premium quality products and are available in a number of different variants which make them unique and excellent for a range of threaded feet uses. These are easily height adjusted by an allen key, meaning that they don't have to be removed to be adjusted, preventing the need to pick up the object or application that they are attached to. These Polyamide feet have a number of excellent, strong properties which make them one of our most popular choices, including their ideal weight rating which is one of the highest in its class. As a common form of threaded adjustable feet we keep these in a range of sizes, this includes a range of thread types to ensure we have the ideal choice for you whether you choose to use them with Furniture or Machinery,
One Piece Adjustable Feet
Our one-piece feet are an excellent all in one tube insertion solution, slotting up inside of the tube these one piece feet can then be adjusted by unscrewing or screwing in the bottom to add or reduce height. Each of these one piece feet comes with ribs on its exterior which help it to fit inside and keep itself firm. Each of these Adjustable Furniture feet has a weight rating of 100kg or over, making them ideal for use with a range of applications including tubular furniture. Due to their design, these fit straight onto the inside of a tube or box section, preventing the need to install a threaded component to then screw in an adjustable foot, saving you potential time and money. In comparison to standard threaded furniture feet these are fairly cost effective, only requiring a slightly longer amount of installation time.
Metal Adjustable Feet
These Metal Threaded Feet come in a number of sizes and styles, from bolt down to standard options. Being made from a Zinc Plated Steel these have ideal anti-rust properties that enable their use inside many industries where they wouldn't be used otherwise. Bolt Down are regularly used over their standard fixed variants as they allow for a higher load, leading to heavier duty applications being used along-side them, such as conveyorbelts or even industrial machinery. As a heavy duty, yet cost effective option these are a widely popular component for us. We stock such Threaded Feet for Machinery & Furniture in a range of different variants and sizes to suit your needs, whether you need a general metal foot for a conveyorbelt, table or you simply need a fixed base foot to hold up a partition, you can rest assured we have the solution for you inside our stock holding.
Machinery Mounting Feet
All Metal Machine Feet are ideal for heavy duty applications and industrial machinery. They are made from a pressed steel base with 4 bolt down holes for securing them and can withstand some of the high load capacities, other machine feet are incapable of. These Full Metal Machine or Metal Threaded Adjustable feet are an extremely specialist and heavy duty solution, for use with only some of the heaviest and largest of machinery these are the best solutions for the job. Despite their high price they come with many features including a huge thread which fits perfectly into conveyorbelts and other large, metal pieces of machinery. Threaded Machinery feet or variants are weight rated up to a certain level and are available in both standard and rubber bottomed, the rubber bottomed allowing for a supreme level of grip and stability in comparison to the standard full metal version. These are a stainless steel machine feet solution that work with only the heaviest of applications due to their massive thread size which goes over M20, these are excellent for use instead of castors as they provide a much more stable base and prevents the need for further fixings as these metal feet have bolt holes which allow for fixing into the ground. These Threaded Feet for machinery are regularly referred to as mounting feet as they are used to mount a piece of machinery rather than something which is adjustable, however it can still be adjusted to suit the height requirements of your factory/workplace. Due to the articulation in these, they can also be used as levelling feet to enable their use on rugged or uneven surfaces - Preventing the need for new flooring or bases to be placed underneath the object your looking to add footings to. If you would like any help choosing your ideal metal threaded adjustable feet then please be sure to get in contact so that we can find the best possible solution for you, depending on your specific requirements.
Washing Machine Feet
Our threaded washing machine feet are a popular consumer part that we offer, working solely as a replacement foot these washing machine inserts simply screw into the bottom of the machine to provide benefits including shock absorption and noise reduction, something which worn washing machine feet may not be able to provide. With an epdm base as standard and an M12 thread, these are a truly high performance part. These Threaded Feet for Washing machines are a popular replacement component as they provide better noise and vibration reduction than most standard variants that come with the machine from stock.
Hexagon Adjustable Feet
Our Hexagon feet are a popular Threaded feet choice, being one of the most unique in terms of its base shape these hexagon shaped feet can be used for a range of applications. Each foot comes with a solid, durable nylon base which helps to keep the foot planted solidly in the ground and to prevent it from moving or wobbling when pressure is put on it. Each of these Threaded Furniture feet has excellent strength capabilities and has impressive properties for something of its size, more commonly used with furniture than machinery these come in mostly smaller thread and base sizes, screwing straight inside where required.
Levelling Feet
These Levelling Adjustable Feet or Base Adjusting Feet as they are also known are an extremely popular choice of footing inside many industries, enabling their use across a plethora of different surfaces and floorings. Made specifically for uneven or angled floors these allow for up to 8 degrees of articulation per style, allowing the base or thread to adapt towards your application - No matter what the weight rating may be. Although they may seem ideal, these are not the best choice for use as adjustable furniture feet due to the cost involved with the articulation, therefore for a cost effective solution we would recommend using fixed styles. Popular for use as 'leveling feet' where they level off an application by screwing the foot in up to a desired height, these are available in a few different types and materials such as all metal, articulating and standard nylon bases.
Threaded Fittings & Fixings
As one of the only methods of adding adjustable feet to your application aside from flow drilling, these fixings and fittings work perfectly to help your feet screw straight into place. Often installed in to wood or plastic, these provide a solid base for any type of footing or leg, acting as a mount for heavier applications such as machinery. Adjustable Furniture Feet as they are also known, are usually equipped with Wooden Nut Inserts which allow them to be used with Furniture, allowing them to be screwed into place with ease. Fortifying the strength of the thread and base, these type of fixings promote durability and ensure a sustainable weight rating without any potential problems further down the line. As a widely renowned component for their height adjustment uses, these are regularly used to adjust the height of a piece of Furniture, Table or Machinery to your requirements.
Fitting Guide
Our fitting guide goes a long way to show off our extensive range of feet, including bolt down bases, fixed bases, tilting bases and a whole lot more. Measuring and fitting these Adjustable Feet, or Table Feet as they can be known, is relatively easy by screwing them straight into place (eg on the inside of a threaded nut/insert), but please do have a read of our guide for more information around how to measure for a particular situation, such as to raise a desk, or piece of machinery.

At Vital Parts, we manufacture a selection of Adjustable Feet designed for use with machinery, tables, and furniture. Each style of product on offer use premium materials such as zinc coated steel, stainless steel, nylon, and TPR rubber to provide a high performance product. Typically, Adjustable Feet feature a male metric thread (or stud) and can be used in conjunction with any female threaded item. These include threaded nuts, brackets, or inserts as common mounting options.

We keep a huge variety of standard, medium duty and heavy duty options in stock with various weight ratings (from 50kg up to 5,000kg per foot). These are effective to level off, raise the height, or increase the stability of machinery. Our products are also effective as table feet, as well as a variety of other furniture.

Our Adjustable Feet are renowned for their ease of fitment and adjustability. They have the capacity to add or decrease height after installation (particularly our Pozi Base Feet or Slotted Head Feet). Above, we have collated solutions for all surfaces and installation requirements, from tilting threads to low profile versions, which aim to provide a discrete finish to furniture, tables and machinery.

Weight Rated Versions Are Recommended For Adding Height To Tables, Heavy Furniture or Machinery.

Benefits Of Using Our Adjustable Feet?

  • Largest range of Adjustable Furniture Feet styles and sizes in the UK
  • Manufactured from a selection of premium, durable materials
  • Excellent for height adjusting tables, furniture or machinery
  • High load ratings of up to 5,000kg per foot

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Recommended Fixing Options For These Feet Include:

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