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Articulating Adjustable Feet

Our Articulating Adjustable feet, or Articulating Leveling feet as they are commonly known, are manufactured using a reinforced Nylon base and a durable Steel for both the thread and the Stud. The reinforced Nylon allows for a multi-purpose grip that suits a wide range of different surfaces including soft and hard floorings, whilst maintaining strength at all times. The Steel Stud on the under-side of the Feet provides stability and weight distribution when the feet are in use as well as to help keep the base level. These Articulating Feet are widely used due to their articulating, leveling base which allows for a slight tilt making them excellent for use with un-even floors and angled flooring.

These Articulating Leveling feet are great for a wide range of light, to medium weighted applications and are an ideal, long lasting height adjustable option. We stock these Articulating feet in a range of base diameters including 25mm, 30mm, 38mm and 48mm.

Why choose our Articulating Adjustable Feet?
  • Made from a selection of high grade materials
  • Height adjustable thread
  • Articulating, leveling base
  • Excellent grip strength 
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Variations Of Articulating Adjustable Feet

Base Diameter 25mm
Our articulating leveling feet are a widely used threaded component inside a number of industries due to their bases leveling properties which allows them to be at a slight angle, preventing them from losing grip or stability due to an uneven surface. Articulating feet are available in a variety of base diameters to ensure the best possible choice for your application, with larger base diameters being ideal for heavier objects and uses.
Base Diameter 38mm
Our Articulating feet or articulating leveling feet as they are also known are an ideal choice for a number of applications and are most commonly used with uneven flooring due to the bases leveling properties which allow it to adapt and move to the shape of the flooring, preventing the need for other solutions to help bring a smooth, even surface. These feet have an ideal level of strength due to their thread size and can support a large amount of weight when required.
Base Diameter 48mm
Articulating feet are a popular choice for the easy leveling and height adjusting of an object or piece of furniture, with a base diameter of 48mm these provide a rather large amount of stabilization properties which prevents them from wobbling or causing problems once installed. Regularly used with furniture and machinery these are a truly multi-purpose part with a whole host of main uses, simply screwing into a threaded insert.

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