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Bushes, Spacers & Washers

As a UK Supplier of Nylon Bushings, Nylon Spacers & Washers we aim to provide a comprehensive selection of sizes and variations at competitively low prices. Manufactured from high quality materials including Peek, TPR, HDPE & Nylon, each has been carefully selected to provide a number of useful properties including thermal insulation, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance. Bushes, Spacers & Washers are often used in conjunction with each other for a number of employments, including strengthening, sealing, enclosing and to reduce shock/vibrations within moving parts. Please note that we offer a varied selection of Sealing Washers, consisting of over 10+ styles for you to choose from, for all of your fixing needs.

Each Nylon Bushing, Spacer & Washer has a range of uses depending on the particular size in question, popular for shock absorption, vibration dampening and insulation for example. To view all available variations of each product please click through to your required category below, before relevant products are displayed. 

Benefits Of Our Bushes, Spacers & Washers
  • Manufactured from premium materials including Nylon 6/6, Peek & HDPE
  • Excellent selection of properties including shock absorption 
  • Competitively low prices on all sizes
  • Free samples available
Please feel free to get in touch or submit a quote request if looking for large quantities

Some Of The Most Common Uses For These Parts Include:
  • To add space and dampen vibrations between moving components - Nylon Spacers
  • To insulate and protect both non-moving and moving components - Nylon Bushes
  • To prevent excessive vibrations from screw fixings - Rubber Washers
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Our Selection of Bushes, Spacers & Washers

Nylon Spacers
Nylon Spacers are a 'spacing' element often used to provide rigidity to an application, to prevent movement and to reduce any vibrations or movements that may otherwise have been experienced. Also used to provide insulation for wires and cables these are a truly multi purpose part that can feature on anything from home installations, to high load machinery within an industrial setting. Being made from Nylon reinforces these as a strong and reliable option, matching the properties of much more renowned materials such as Steel / Iron.
Nylon Bushes
Plastic Bushings, or Nylon Bushings as commonly known, are referred to as a go-to product for a range of finishing and manufacturing uses, enabling smooth transitions between components. Coming in a Nylon 6/6 these are high quality parts that are produced for long-term usage, promoting a cost effective solution. Available in both Black and Natural variants, we have the best possible choice to match up with your application, whether you are using them for Electronics purposes, or for Industrial manufacturing.
Being a UK Manufacturer of Sealing Washers we stock over 15 variations made up of different materials suited to different uses. Some of the most commonly used include Rubber Washers which are great for providing a reliable compression seal, as well as reducing potential vibrations often experienced within moving mechanisms. Great for pairing with fixings such as screws, these Sealing Washers help to seal off a fixing, offering rigidity and preventing play once installed.

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