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Chair & Furniture Castors

Our Chair & Furniture Castors range includes high quality products suited towards the upgrade or replacement of existing solutions, or during the manufacturing of a compatible product. With many options available to meet different requirements both within industry or the household, our Castors are commonly used with Office Chairs or Furniture to aid movement across a surface, to reduce noise, or to prevent damage to costly flooring. Available mainly with push fitting stems (10mm & 11mm versions), our Furniture Castors & Wheels have been specifically manufactured for their ease of use, resistant properties and quick fitting, produced in line with industry standard requirements every time. 

We keep a large stock of Castor Wheels for Furniture & Chairs at all times, with bulk pricing and free sampling available on the majority of product lines to get a good feel for the application before purchase. Please see all available solutions below, before clicking through to the specific product pages to view further information about each. 

We recommend our Soft Wheel Castors for use with hard floors/surfaces, or to reduce noise.

Benefits Of Our Chair & Furniture Castors
  • Manufactured from high quality materials including PA (Polyamide), Steel & TPE
  • Compatible with the majority of Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Noise and vibration reducing options stocked
  • Free samples available
Common Uses For Our Castors Include
  • To replace or upgrade existing Castor Wheels for office furniture
  • To finish off a mobility product during production
Need help choosing a solution, or a price on bulk supply? Give us a call on 01233 713 581

Variations Of Chair & Furniture Castors

Hard Wheel Castors
As Castor Wheels For Chairs these Hard versions are suitable for soft surfaces, to aid movement and prevent excess noise. As one of our most cost effective options Hard Castors are suggested for generic uses as replacements for worn or broken wheels, which can come from heavy usage. Common-place with Office Chairs & Furniture alike, these have the ability for a quick push fitting, thanks to their stem which is designed for an easy and reliable installation.
Soft Wheel Castors
As a UK supplier of Chair & Furniture Castors we offer a selection of types to meet most requirements, including that of both Hard & Soft floors (such as Carpet, Wood, Vinyl, Stone). These Soft Wheel versions in particular are designed for use with both hard and soft uses, aimed at reducing the friction experienced through a TPE Rubber covered tyre. Being coated in such a material helps to reduce noise and floor scratching, hence their wide popularity as replacement castor wheels.
Castor Cups
Castor Cups are an interesting product used to prevent the movement of a standard castor wheel. The cups are placed underneath the wheels to prevent free-wheel movement, which can be required for health and safety reasons in some instances. These are most commonly employed to prevent floor damage and to aid the movement across a surface, pairing well with stick on pads (such as felt, ptfe) to further aid movement and prevent scratching.
Tower Castor Glides
Tower Castors are one of the least common form of Castor Wheels For Chairs, offered with a flat bottom as a replacement for original wheels. Working in a similar way to Castor Cups, these prevent the swivel and movement properties that such products typically provide, favouring a fixed rigid position. Such installations are often a requirement for health and safety reasons or to prevent damage to flooring, which Castor Wheels are renowned for with heavy usage. These are a simple swap replacement, being fitted within seconds from their arrival.

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For all relevant product information, or to view our available guides, please see the full category description above.

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