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Chair Inserts

Our selection of Chair & Furniture Leg Inserts, or simply Chair Inserts is one of the largest in the UK for high quality, durable replacement feet for all kinds of Chairs, Furniture & Appliances. Fitting internally to your application thanks to their ribbed shanks, these feet are commonly used with chairs that have tubular or box section type legs (i.e. School chairs). They are widely used to prevent damage to floors as well as to prevent excessive wearing of the Chair Legs themselves, providing upgraded levels of grip and bringing them back to 'like new' status for stability and anti marking properties. All of our Plastic Chair Leg Inserts are made to an extremely high standard, ensuring that they make good contact with the floors and sit flush on the end of the chair, enabling their use for stacking, and preventing them from being knocked out.

We stock these Chair Leg Inserts in a range of types as displayed below, this includes options for round tubing, square tubing, rectangular tubing and even oval tubing. Each shape and style has many different solutions to suit all kinds of Chair & Furniture uses, so please click through to your required fitment below.

Our comprehensive range includes many different options such as Round, Square, Rectangular and Oval.

Benefits Of Using Our Chair & Furniture Inserts
  • Manufactured from high quality materials including LDPE & Nylon
  • Carefully designed for use with a range of leg types
  • Available to suit almost every style of Chair/Furniture
  • Lowest prices in the UK for these solutions
Each Style Of Insert Has A Number Of Uses, Examples Include: Need a custom style of Chair Leg Insert? Give us a call now on 01233 713581

See our full range of Chair Leg Inserts, Furniture Leg Inserts, Insert Feet below

Our Selection of Chair Inserts

Round Chair Inserts
Our Round insert feet for chairs and furniture are a widely used option inside a number of industries, especially inside educational facilities where they are regularly used as replacement feet for tubular legged chairs or desks, simply slotting in to replace them. Working excellently as Chair leg caps, sitting perfectly on the end of the tube, these inserts act as ideal feet replacements, providing grip and stability from standard. Being made from a hard-wearing LDPE, these round insert feet are a hard wearing product that come with anti-marking properties, further enhancing their use. Round Chair Inserts includes our biggest selection of style choices, including ones suited for gliding, grip and even for adding height.
Square Chair Inserts
Our Square Chair leg inserts are an ideal choice for use with box section Pipes, tubing or poles as they simply slot into the end, the ribs holding the foot in place. Also known as insert feet, these Square Chair leg caps provide an ideal choice as replacement feet for chairs due to the large amount of grip and stability that they provide when in place. Coming in black as standard, these inserts can be made in any particular colour to suit your needs, whether you need to differentiate between year groups or buildings or not. These Square Chair Inserts are mostly suited towards box sections, however can also be applicable to industry standard chair legs which can range from 25.4mm x 25.4mm.
Rectangular Chair Inserts
Our Rectangular insert feet for Chairs, Desks and other assorted furniture are a widely used choice to add grip and stability to an object that once had it. Also known as Chair leg inserts these slot up inside the tubular leg or box section of the Chair or piece of Furniture, not providing any additional fastening or adhesive to keep it in place due to the ribs which come as standard.
Oval Chair Inserts
Our Oval insert feet, or Chair leg caps as they are also known, are a widely used plastic insert that is regularly used with Chairs and Furniture to act as a replacement foot, providing an 'as new' grip and stability experience that prevents the marking of floors in the vicinity. Being a popular choice for use with oval box sections and tubular chairs or furniture, these are a cost effective solution that won't break the bank in comparison to replacing a couple pieces of furniture. Being an easy to fit option, these feet simply require tapping or banging in to place for a solid fitting which holds them in tightly without the use of adhesive or additional fastening.

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