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Insertion Gaskets

Our Insertion Gaskets or 'IBC Gaskets' as they are also known, are a cut to order product coming in a selection of premium materials chosen specifically for their high performance. Most commonly available in different forms of rubber, these IBC Gaskets (Inner bolt circle) work to protect and seal off the inner portion of a pipe flange against common factors such as weathering, acids and alkali's. When paired with their Full Face Gasket counterparts these work well to provide a high quality, reliable seal across the whole inside and outside portion of your flange, protecting against leakage or spillage of potentially expensive or hazardous substance. 

These Insertion Gaskets / IBC Gaskets are a custom product for us that are cut and made to fit specifically, coming in all of the different high performance materials displayed below (EPDM, SBR & Nitrile). For all in depth performance characteristics or for further information around a particular material, please see each individual product listing. 

These Insertion / IBC Gaskets are also available in versions to cover the full face of your pipe. 

Benefits Of Our Commercial / Industrial Gaskets
  • Manufactured from a handful of high end materials
  • Cut specifically to your requirements
  • Excellent technical performance
  • Range of materials
Commonly Used For
  • To seal off or protect the inner section of a pipe flange
  • To prevent leakage or spillage of hazardous substances
All of our Insertion Gaskets are cut to order, please call on 01233 713 581 to discuss your spec.
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Variations Of Insertion Gaskets

EPDM Insertion Gaskets
IBC Gaskets for insertion into a pipe provide excellent resistance against general factors, especially this EPDM type which are good for use with water and acids alike. When used as industrial or commercial gaskets, these can be cut specifically to your requirements using CNC toolings.
Nitrile Insertion Gaskets
Nitrile as a material is excellent for commercial and industrial uses, with the possibility of cutting to your specific measurements. Known as IBC Gaskets, these work by fitting internally to your pipe / flange area, providing excellent resistance and protection benefits against leakage or expulsion.
SBR Insertion  Gaskets
SBR is a high performance rubber, well suited to insertion type uses. Being employed for the inner bolt circle areas they work well to prevent expulsion and act as a good barrier against damage. With the ability to cut specifically to your requirements using CNC machines, you can rest assured that we can produce the best type of product for your use.

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