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Post Caps

Our Round Post Caps & Pole Caps are manufactured from either a durable LDPE or flexible PVC Plastic from standard. Made to match up with all all Industry standard post sizes (76.2mm - 243mm), these work perfectly to subtly finish and cover the end of a post or pole, preventing the ingress of external factors which may cause rust, such as rain water, acids and alkalis. Frequently used for larger projects where costs are a large factor, our plastic versions tend to be a more cost effective option when compared to a flexible PVC, therefore our plastic cap versions are regarded as the 'budget' option for post finishing. 

These Post Ends / Pole Caps are stocked in both PVC & Plastic versions to suit your particular needs and requirements, plastic being slightly more durable but less aesthetically pleasing than their counterparts. If you would like any advice or want to find out more information about individual products then please click on a listing below. 

These Caps come in Grey from standard, however are available in other colours such as Black.

Benefits Of Using Our Post Caps
  • Largest selection of Post Ends inside the UK
  • Made to fit all industry standard post sizes
  • Protects and provides a clean finish 
  • Easy to use and install design
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See all variations of our PVC & Plastic Post Caps, Round Post Caps below

Variations Of Post Caps

Plastic Post Caps
Plastic Post Caps are a less flexible versions of our 'PVC' type caps, manufactured in a number of industry standard sizes to suit all common round posts. Offered in a Grey finish from standard (other colours may be available), these offer a great balance of aesthetic and protection properties, preventing ingress and finishing off an otherwise, exposed internal section of a post. PVC Post Caps may be used over these in situations where the cap may need to be removed, as an easier to remove option than these Plastic ones.
PVC Post Caps
Our PVC Round post caps are an excellent solution for finishing, protecting and covering a fence post. These vinyl pole caps come in grey finish as standard which matches most post colours, we also ensure we keep an industry standard sizing in stock to provide you with the best possible choice for your money and post. PVC Pole caps have a slight amount of flexibility which allows them to be used with a range of diameters rather than just the one, this also allows for a tighter, sturdier fit to your post preventing it from coming or being knocked off easily.

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