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Push In Feet

Our Push in feet, or Grommet feet as they are also known, are made from a strong PVC which helps give each foot a good level of strength and durability when in use. Push in feet are popular due to their ease of use and simple fitting, simply requiring you to push the feet into a Chair or furniture leg until its sturdy. These Grommet feet are ideal for applying to the bottom of electronics or office equipment to help prevent marking of tables, floors etc, whilst providing an excellent of level of grip. As well as use as grommet feet, these are also regularly used as push fit bumpers to prevent damage to nearby walls or doors that they are attached to. Some of their other most common uses include use as Laptop feet or Computer feet as described below. 

We are able to offer over 8 different styles of Push fitting feet to suit every use that you may have for them, these styles vary in design slightly to provide a range of solutions rather than a one design fits all solution. Each of these Grommet feet include an insert hole that requires pushing through or punching, this allows you to tailor it to your specific requirements. 

Common uses for our Push In Grommet Feet include:
  • General appliance feet - Microwaves, Laptops, Printers etc
  • Door buffers / Push fit bumpers
  • Shock absorbtion
  • Grommet feet
Benefits of using our Push Fitting Feet:
  • Made from a strong reliable PVC
  • Simple push to fit solution
  • Excellent for use as appliance feet
  • Over 8 different styles to choose from
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Variations Of Push In Feet

Push In Feet
Push fitting feet or push fit bumpers as they are also known are a highly useful and functional product that we offer, made from a reliable PVC these feet have a number of excellent properties as well as a long lasting durability which ensures a long lasting product. These grommet feet are often used to plug small holes to give them a functional finish, adding grip, stability and integrity to whichever object that they are attached to. When used as push fit bumpers these feet provide unique properties enabling them to easily be placed into a small hole, something which our other rubber bumper solutions may not be able to offer as standard.

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