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Returns Policy

As a UK or EU customer you have 14 calendar days in which you are able to cancel your order for any reason, this period starts from the day you have received the ordered items. If you have received an incorrect part or if the order is wrong then you have a right to return these items for a replacement or a refund. All orders placed through the website are subject to a 28 day return period where the contents of an order can be returned for a full refund. These returns must be submitted either over the phone or directly through our website using our Returns Form, in accordance with the policy details listed below.

Orders that are returned during the 28 day period may be susceptible to a re-stocking fee of up to 30% depending on the particular item or circumstances of the order, however more often than not this is waived for the majority of customers. 

Please always attach your order number or reference when returning goods.

Faulty Goods

Faulty goods must be returned within 28 days from the initial date of receipt. Issues must be voiced directly via phone or alternatively through a contact form here on the website, referencing your order details and the relevant issue.

Any faulty items that show signs of use or damage will be rejected and won’t be returned.

Made To Order Goods

Made to order products may not be returned, this includes any custom moulds that may have been created for you specifically. If the product is able to be placed back in to stock then discretion may be used to refund either in full or part, this may be discussed directly with your relevant contact.

Returning Your Item(s): UK / EU

As a UK customer we require all returns to be sent directly to us, our address is readily available and can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page or as below. You are expected to cover all costs for the return, however discretion may be used in certain circumstances where a collection may be organised or a small concession added onto your refund figure. To submit a return request, please click here.

Please try to use original packaging that isn’t damaged or torn.

Return address:
Vital Parts Ltd
Unit 4 Palace Industrial Estate

Bircholt Road, Maidstone
Kent, ME15 9XU


Returning Your Item(s): Outside Of EU

If you are wanting to return your order which was placed from outside of the EU / UK then we require you to initially get in contact and explain your issue with the goods. If the reason is sufficient then you are able to return the order to our address, once we have received the goods then a refund can be organised. You shall be expected to cover all costs for the return, however discretion may be used in certain circumstances which may allow us to refund a portion of the shipping costs. Please track all international packages, this stops any issues from arising.

For further information regarding our returns policy, or to speak about returning an item, please get in contact with our team on 01233 713 581 or submit a return here.


Free Sample Policy

As a Plastic, Rubber & Metal Component Manufacturer we are able to offer free sampling on products where sizing and/or performance must be checked beforehand. Free Samples can be requested directly on the website through our contact form, please make sure you check ALL of the details filled in, if any details are missing (such as email/phone number) then we may be unable to send out your sample. 

Due to the nature of free sample requests, each one is qualified by a member of our sales team to check authenticity and prevent abuse, for this reason correct contact details are essential. 

Who Qualifies For A Free Sample

Our Free Sample service is reserved solely for business use only. Any sample requests placed by a consumer who is not enquiring on behalf of a business shall be rejected and the user will not be notified. We reserve the right to reject any sample request placed by a customer with the sole intention to mislead or misrepresent their enquiry or project.

Please note that we have the right to send a sample at our own discretion.

For any issues or questions regarding this sample policy, or samples in general then please contact a member of staff on 01233 713 581.