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Rubber Seals

Our Rubber Seals & Cords have a wide range of employments within certain industries such as Oil, Gas, Hydraulic and Manufacturing, where they are regularly used to provide an air tight seal which is essential in preventing the ingress of air, moisture and dirt. Rubber Seals can also provide many other benefits including shock absorption and vibration dampening making them especially useful to work in with moving components, adding little to no extra cost. We are able to offer a variety of Rubber Sealing solutions such as Rubber Washers / Seal Rings, to suit your specific needs with a number of specialist and high performance products for extreme climates.

We are able to offer a competitive range of Extruded Rubber Seal products, including many standard sizes and coil lengths to suit all projects. All of our standard product ranges can be found below so please click through to your required option, note that free samples can be provided upon request in most cases.

Benefits Of Using Our Extruded Rubber Seals:
  • Manufactured using a selection of premium grade materials
  • Range of resistance properties
  • Provides a quality seal
  • Huge range of uses
The Different Extruded Rubber Seals We Offer Are:
  • Custom Rubber Cording / Neoprene Cording
  • Rubber Edge Trims 
  • Rubber Washers 
  • O-Ring Kits 
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See all variations of our Rubber Seals, Cording & Extrusions below

Variations Of Rubber Seals

Sponge Neoprene Cording
Neoprene Cording is a high quality form of Rubber Seal, offered in cords for general sealing/protection based uses. Made from a temperature resistant rubber, this cording can be used at temperatures of up to 125c, making it useful in situations where heat exposure may occur. As the Sponge form of Neoprene, this is recommended for compression based uses, to create a rubber seal, or to prevent leakage/excess ingress.
Solid Neoprene Cording
Solid Neoprene Cording is a popular form of extruded seal, designed to offer an array of sealing or protection uses as and when required. Offered in rolls of cord, this is available to fit many different profiles up to 25mm, with larger sizes available upon request. Neoprene is a popular material for use inside oil and gas related industries, to be used both internally or externally.
Rubber Cording
Our custom rubber cording is a popular service for industry professionals looking to seal off and finish particular items. Available in a selection of high quality rubbers with great resistance properties, we are able to produce these kind of rubber seals in almost every length and diameter imaginable, helping you to get the material you need at the best possible price.
O-Ring Kits
As basic forms of Rubber Seals used in every day life, O-Rings offer a reliable and long-term sealing solution, designed for round applications to form compression seals. These kits provide a range of sizes in one box, making them a great option for any industry professional that regularly works with sealing (such as Plumbers, Oil & Gas engineers). Made from an extruded Nitrile or FPM Rubber these have excellent protection properties against factors such as heat and moisture.

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