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Screw On Feet

Our Screw In Feet or Screw On Rubber Feet as they can be called, are a common form of foot that are often installed by fixing into place via screws. Featuring a countersunk hole through the centre these feet are designed to hide the screw that fixes them into place, easily fitted by hand or drill to your required application. Being a popular choice for screwing onto the bottom of Chairs, Furniture & Appliances, these are perfect for adding grip and preventing damage to the floor that they are placed on. Made from a high quality Rubber these Screw In Feet are recommended for use with all kinds of hard floor types such as Wood / Laminate, maintaining excellent properties across a broad range of weighted uses, from light to heavy uses.

This selection of Screw On Rubber Feet comes in many sizes between 15mm and 35mm, this ensures their compatibility with all sizes of furniture and equipment. As a screw fixing product these come complete with a set of screws, allowing you to fix them into place as soon as they arrive through your door!

We have a large range of alternate options available for all kinds of furniture and appliances, see our full range here.

Benefits Of Using Screw In Feet
  • Manufactured from a long lasting form of Rubber
  • Complete with screws for installation
  • Recessed screw hole to hide fixing
  • Versatile product
*Screw On Feet now available in Plastic, for softer surfaces or felt/teflon for ease of movement

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Variations Of Screw On Feet

Screw On Rubber Feet
These Screw On Rubber Feet or Screw Fixing Feet are widely used thanks to its anti-marking properties which ensure that it doesn't mark its surroundings or the surface that it is placed on, no matter how heavy the furniture is that you have attached them to. Due to the shape and size of these rubber buffers for chairs or rubber door stops, they can also work excellently as rubber feet for chairs, they will work excellently with wooden or non-legged furniture as they require screwing in through the counter sunk hole which prevents the screw or nail from being easily visible, preventing easy tampering or removal. Recommended for adding grip to an application, these are perfect for all types of hard surfaces including concrete, tiled or stone floors.
Screw On Plastic Feet
New to our Screw On Feet range, Screw On Plastic Feet! Plastic versions have been in high demand due to their comparability with carpet and softer floor types. Manufactured from an anti marking plastic, these are designed to screw in to Chairs, Furniture & Appliances, coming with matching screws for a neat and secure finish.

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