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Self Adhesive Edging

Our Self Adhesive Edging Strips are an extremely popular product for protecting and covering exposed or sharp panel edges, providing a clean and functional finish once applied. Each of the Stick On Edging products listed below have been manufactured using a specialized pressure adhesive backing, providing a long lasting and secure fitting on to almost any material possible. This kind of Edging is most commonly employed for hard to reach, awkward area's such as car door seals or wiring outlets thanks to its sealing properties which provide a water tight when installed correctly. 

This selection of Stick On Edging includes products suited specifically to common uses inside Industry, however custom edging can be produced where required in almost any width, material or length. For our full selection of standard products, simply click on your preferred variation below for a full list of sizes and the ability to request a free sample. 

Benefits Of Using Our Self Adhesive Edging Strips
  • Manufactured from a selection of premium quality materials
  • Produced using a specialized adhesive backing
  • Easy to fit stick on edging solution
  • Range of versatile profiles
Each product has a number of common uses, some of these include:
  • To protect applications which are regularly exposed to high temperature - Silicone Sponge Edging
  • To seal off and protect hard to reach or awkward area's of an application - Stick On Edging
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Variations Of Self Adhesive Edging

Self Adhesive EPDM Edging
This stick on edging is a widely used and highly performing product that we offer, coming with a sticky adhesive backing this edging works well with difficult to reach area's as well as stubborn surfaces that aren't able to be gripped to effectively. Also known as Protective edging this product is commonly used to protect and pro-long an edge, preventing it from causing or being damaged, This kind of pressure adhesive edging is widely used inside a number of industries to prevent general damage as well as to protect an expensive edge.
Self Adhesive Silicone Edging
Our Self Adhesive Edging Strips are often used to protect and seal off an exposed sharp edge, protecting it from general damage as well as general day to day factors such as dust, dirt, rain-water etc. As a stick on solution, this is one of the most popular form of edging due to its ease of use, enabling it to be installed and fitted almost anywhere. Stick on edging and protective edging in Silicone sponge form is a sought after part, especially with its excellent temperature resistance properties which includes high temperatures of up and around 300 degrees Celsius, making them competitive even for masking uses.

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