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All of our Round Spacers are made from a range of extremely high quality and hard wearing materials, these include Nylon, Plastic and Peek. Spacers are a commonly used part across a number of different industries including Hydrualic, Manufacturing and Fabrication where they are used to space apart two components or connections to provide benefits such as shock absorbtion to prevent unnecessary damage whilst in use. Our Spacers are available in a range of different variants to suit your applications needs.

Some of the different Spacers that we offer are:
  • Standard Round Nylon Spacers
  • Plastic Spacers
  • Hexagonal Spacers
Each variant of Spacer has a number of uses, some of the most common include:
  • To provide space in between two moving components - Plastic Spacers
  • Excellent for dampening vibrations and preventing shocks - Nylon Spacers
  • Suitable for spacing threaded applications and components - Hexagonal Spacers
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Variations Of Spacers

Standard Nylon Spacers
These Round Nylon Spacers or simply Round Spacers as they are also known are made from a hard, fortified Nylon. This helps to provide enough integrity and tensile strength to work well above and beyond the standards of a normal 'Plastic spacers' may. Also referred to as a plastic spacers these fit in between two components to space them apart, keeping the application tight where it would otherwise be loose and potentially move around too much. These are a relatively cost effective component in relation to their uses.

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