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Threaded Sealing Caps

These Threaded Sealing Caps or Fluid Sealing Caps as they are also known, are made from a high quality LDPE plastic and come with a neoprene rubber disc which is secured within the head of the cap, allowing for a tight full seal that can be easily tightened by hand. Threaded Sealing Caps are great for protecting threads from the ingress of dirt or moisture as well as providing an air tight seal for fluid or gas filled applications to prevent leakage or air exposure during its employment, hence their wide usage inside a number of Liquid & Gas industries.

These Fluid sealing caps are a specialist component for the sealing of threaded barrels, pipes or containers to prevent leakage and prevent the ingress of foreign substances. Each of these Sealing caps is available in a range of thread types to suit, these being BSP, UNF & Metric.

Benefits of our Fluid Sealing caps:
  • Made from a high quality LDPE 
  • Neoprene rubber disc for a consistent, quality seal
  • Easily tightened by hand
  • Available in BSP, UNF & Metric threads
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Variations Of Threaded Sealing Caps

BSP Sealing Caps
These Fluid caps or Gas sealing caps as they are also known are an extremely useful component for the sealing and protection of gas or fluid bottles/containers. These seal caps provide a tight seal thanks to the o-ring or neoprene rubber sheeting which is found inside the top of the cap, this provides an excellent compression seal to protect the internal and external portions of the application.
Metric Sealing Caps
Available in Metric, BSP and UNF threads these fluid sealing caps are widely used for a number of threaded components. These Fluid caps or Gas caps provide a tight seal, keeping the gas or liquid inside the barrel or container, preventing it from being dispersed or sprayed out. These caps come with a neoprene disc on the inside of the head, this helps to provide a tight compression seal.
UNF Sealing Caps
These UNF Fluid caps are an ideal solution for sealing off a threaded application, widely used inside the gas and oil industries to prevent leakages, these are a truly specialist part that are extremely useful. Each of these caps comes with an ergonomic head, this enables you to easily screw them on and off by hand, preventing the need for external or additional tools.

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