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Metal Adjustable Feet

Our Metal Adjustable Feet range includes both standard and advanced variants suited for both light / heavy loads, being manufactured from premium quality materials to ensure a high performance. Variations that we supply include general metal feet which are perfect for furniture and heavy appliances, along-side metal machinery feet which are large by design to support the heaviest of applications. Our selection of general feet comes in a range of sizes and are relatively cost effective in comparison to their heavy duty counterparts, of which are ideal for use with machinery and conveyors. 

Looking for brackets to install along-side these Metal Threaded Feet?

Why use our Metal Adjustable Feet?
  • Manufactured from high end metal alloys
  • Unbeatable performance during use
  • Tried and tested product designs
  • Range of sizes / variations
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Variations Of Metal Adjustable Feet

General Metal Adjustable Feet
As screw in forms of Metal Threaded Feet these are perfect for installation into a fixing, bracket or fastener. Without the need for additional weight capabilities, these feet have a high load capacity of up to 650 kilograms per foot, enabling their use with all kinds of heavy appliances and machinery. Being made from a Zinc Plated Steel, these have a number of ideal properties such as resistance against weathering and rust.
Rubber Padded Machine Feet
Our rubber padded metal mounting feet are a solution for only some of the heaviest of applications with a huge weight rating and massive thread, they are truly incomparable when compared to other more standard variants such as our standard fixed adjustable feet. Each of these rubber padded threaded machinery mounting feet has a rubber pad on the bottom, this provides excellent stability and grip for the application, preventing it from tipping or falling over as well as to provide traction on the surface which it is placed on. These rubber padded metal adjustable mounting feet are also equipped with 4 bolt down holes, this allows you to bolt it down to a surface, further preventing the likelihood of the application tipping or wobbling whilst in use. These metal adjustable mounting feet are also excellent for leveling feet as they can be height adjusted to your application, simply screwing in or out to provide you with a higher or lower solution. These threaded feet are made from a strong, galvanized steel, this prevents the need for worrying about the strength capabilities as these are best in class for both strength and weight capabilities.
Standard Metal Machine Feet
Our standard metal adjustable mounting feet are an extremely heavy duty and somewhat specialist solution due to their huge weight rating which can be up to a tonne when used in conjunction with another foot. These machinery mounting feet come with 4 bolt holes and up to an m40 thread which is capable of threading only the largest of applications such as conveyorbelts, machinery and other industrial stuff which can often be found inside manufacturing and processing industries. These metal mounting feet have a slightly articulating base which allows you a slight tilt reducing the rigidness and harshness on the metal providing you with even more leigh-weigh in terms of weight. These are the standard version of industrial metal mounting feet which mean that they have a standard steel base which sits on whatever flooring beneath, the bolt holes allow for superior strength when in place as this will prevent them from moving, or rocking around leaving you with a stable and secure application, hence its major use inside many industries, not just manufacturing and processing.

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