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At Vital Parts we pride ourselves on supplying a huge range of essential Plastic, Rubber & Metal components to suit every project that you may have. As experts inside the Plastic and Rubber industry we are always happy to help you with the vital information surrounding the properties and characteristics of different materials and products inside our ranges. We make sure that we go out of our way to help each and every customer with their projects, using tools such as Live Chat & Phone Support to assist you at every step of the way. 

As a Manufacturer we are able to offer many different custom moulding solutions to suit a range of different projects, with years of experience using different moulding techniques and machines you can trust us to bring your unique product to life. Employing a range of techniques including:

  • Dip / Injection Moulding
  • Over / Rotational Moulding
  • Extrusions
If this is your first time here, we recommend visiting our About Us page so you can get a feel for who we are and exactly what we have to offer. We pride ourselves on working to a set of strict values which help us to align your requirements with our expectations as a company, hence our slogan 'We Mould Around You'.