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The Vital Parts Guide To Cable Management: Strain Relief

Welcome to the guide to our Cable Management Strain Relief range! Here, we have gathered our expert knowledge into a full comprehensive guide with the intent on educating our customers and helping you find exactly what strain relief you need for your application or project.Vital Parts Strain Relief Products

Our variety of Strain Relief products within our Cable Management range are manufactured to meet strict industry standards. Strain Relief is a method of cable management that is mostly employed to prevent damage to a cable or conductor, either in interior or exterior circumstances.

The Strain Relief products that we offer here at Vital Parts ensure the longevity of a wiring system, as well as preventing the need for a high level of costly maintenance!

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Vital Parts Lockit Strain Relief Products

Why Use Strain Relief Bushings?

Strain Relief Bushings are used when a cable enters a product or device to lock it into the shell/chassis and prevent it being pulled out. Commonly seen on products such as toasters, lamps, and industrial machinery, they are pronominally used to support power cables entering a device that are then terminated inside, giving power to the product.

Due to the nature of these products being in homes, commercial premises, industrial workshops, etc., it is critical that should the product fall or the cable be pulled that the cable does not come free from the product, leaving potentially electrically live cores exposed to touch. Using a strain relief bushing effectively locks the cable into the product at point of access.

These products are available in a number of different variants, from the industry standard through to the quick-to-install Lockit range, as well as the new water-tight IP rated versions that not only lock the cable into the product, but make the entry point water-tight, which removes the need to use a second sealing component such as a Cable Gland or Grommet.

The products are designed to exceed UK's 35lb (15.7Kg) pull out test, making them a reliable and essential component for both industrial and consumer electronics.

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What Strain Relief Products Do We Offer?

We offer many different types of Strain Relief products within our Cable Management range, all perfectly suited to any wire or cable management solutions needed. Our range of well engineered Strain Relief products includes liquid tight variations, which prevents liquids from accessing a cabling system, as well as products suited for kink protection and solutions for when mounting access is restricted.


Lockit Strain Relief Bushings

Lockit Strain Relief Bushings

Our Lockit Strain Relief Bushings get their name from renowned electrical component brand Heyco, as part of their 'lockit' range. Designed to lock without the additional use of pliers, these are a popular product to simply snap into any application with ease. We sell a number of various styles of our Lockit range, all suited to tight fitted cable strain relief.

These bushings are fantastic for all uses, their snap-fit feature makes installation quick and easy. Simply snap the bushing around the desired cable, and its design will hold firm. Then, it's as easy as snapping the bushing into the panel!

RDD Straight Thru Strain Relief BushingsRDD Strain Relief Bushings

These bushings are produced to fit double D shaped holes, and work to eliminate the risks of rotation after installation, which often causes damage to cables.

Strain Relief Bushings For Non Round HolesStrain Relief Bushings for Non Round Holes

These bushings are designed primarily for square or rectangular panel holes to create a snug fit for both round and flat cables.

RDD Right Angle Strain Relief BushingsRDD Right Angle Strain Relief Bushings

These bushings are made for double D panel holes. They feature a right angle design that eases the cable into a bend to prevent kinking.

RDD Flex Protect Strain Relief BushingsRDD Flex Protect Strain Relief Bushings

Another set of bushings designed for double D shaped holes, these products feature a sturdy nylon spring to ease a cable into a bend.


Standard Strain Relief Bushings

Standard Strain Relief Bushings

Our Standard Strain Relief Bushings are expertly manufactured and cost efficient, typically used within electrical devices to prevent a cable from being pulled out of a panel hole. These bushes are designed to fit into panel holes when housing cables and wires, working to prevent damage from pulling forces.

Bell Mouth Strain Relief BushingsBell Mouth Strain Relief Bushings

Once installed with the aid of Strain Relief Pliers, these work to increase the longevity of cables held in position, designed to ease the cable into a lazy bend.

Flex Protect Strain Relief BushingsFlex Protect Strain Relief Bushings

These bushings feature a spring design that securely holds cables in place while allowing them to bend without sharp kinks.

Right Angle Strain Relief BushingsRight Angle Strain Relief Bushings

These bushings are designed with a curved end, and as well as securing cables, enable an angled exit from the panel hole, saving space and preventing kinks.

Straight Thru Strain Relief BushingsStraight Thru Standard Strain Relief Bushings

These bushings are the most cost-effective and popular solution to increase the longevity of electrical cables by securing and protecting them at panel entry points.


Liquid Tight Strain Relief Bushings

Liquid Tight Strain Relief Bushings

Our Liquid Tight Strain Relief Bushings are co-moulded with Nylon 66 and TPE Rubber for the head. A high quality product, our Liquid Tight Bushings are cULus approved under UL 514B and hold a flammability rating of 94V-2.Liquid Tight Strain Relief Installation Pliers

They feature a low profile design and large cable diameter range, meaning that these are a well engineered solution for all liquid tight cable management requirements They can also be purchased with our Pliers For Liquid Tight Strain Relief, which enables installation without the use of a Nylon adapter, and simplifies the installation process.

Our Liquid Tight Strain Relief Bushings are designed for an easy install, ensuring a secure and tight fitting. Whether using our pliers or the included Nylon adapter, these bushings come with a sealing key to ensure a liquid tight seal. For a full installation guide, click here!

What's the difference between Nylon and Nylon 66? Click here to find out!


Strain Relief Pliers

Strain Relief Installation Pliers

Designed to accompany our range of Standard Strain Relief products, our range of Strain Relief Assembly Pliers are ideal to aid installation of cable strain relief, meeting all requirements to the product specifications and manufactured to the highest quality, complete with varying adjustments and installation guides on each individual plier page.

Installing our Strain Relief products is made simple with our range of pliers, built to hold and manoeuvre the bushing and cable for a snug fit within panel holes.


Standard Strain Relief Installation Guide With Pliers


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