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Tapered Bungs
Tapered Bungs are a form of Rubber Plug (or stopper), manufactured using a range of high quality, resistant materials such as Silicone, TPR & EPDM. Used over Plastic Plugs for their sealing properties, these generally are equipped with more properties than most of their Plastic counterparts, which generally tend to be used for finishing purposes rather than protection or sealing uses. It is generally recommended however, to use Plastic Plugs if there is no need for resistances, usually due to the costs involved.
Silicone Plugs
Our Silicone Rubber plugs range contains a huge number of specialist and standard high temperature solutions for the masking, covering and protection of an application. Some of the different Silicone products that we offer inside this range include Plugs with handles as well as Pull plugs which come with a 'pull' tab that allows for the easy pulling out. Other more standard solutions include our Silicone ribbed versions which are some of our most popular due to their 'ribs' which help them sit perfectly inside of a thread and are perfect for use when coating a product or component that has a thread. Also frequently used instead of plastic plugs, these provide a better gripping, preventing them from falling out of the hole once installed, something that plastic isn't able to match without the use of additional fasteners or fixings. Also known as SIlicone Bungs or Rubber Stoppers, these plugs for high temperature uses are popular across all kinds of industries where heat is common-place. Used mainly over Plastic Plugs to prevent melting and issues down the line, rubber provides the flexibility and properties required to do any kind of masking/covering job.
EPDM Tapered Plugs
EPDM Stoppers or Rubber Plugs as they are referred to, are a very strong and resilient product withstanding temperatures up to 215C. EPDM has great resistance to Acids and Alkalis which makes it very popular within the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as Automotive. EPDM Rubber Stoppers are designed to fit a range of hole sizes from one product and the malleable material allows for a tight seal once fitted, they are also excellent for use as rubber plugs to fill in holes, protecting threads and everything inside the hole. We are able to manufacture these EPDM Rubber Plugs in a range of different sizes depending on the custom size required so contact us now with your needs and we will be happy to assist. These are a great alternative to other more common solutions such as Silicone or Plastic Stoppers as they have extremely similar properties in terms of temperature resistance, but also have great acid & alkali resistance, something which Silicone rubber doesn't have.
Blanking Plugs
Our Blanking plugs range features a number of snap-fitting plastic stopper/plug solutions as well as other alternative options made out of materials such as PVC & TPR, of which are rubbers that are popular products for use as Cable Management. We are able to provide a number of standard and advanced solutions with products like Body plugs, Vent plugs and Domed plugs which are all excellent for the threading through of cables as well as a number of other uses including the venting of a space. Some of our more specialist solutions which aren't made from plastic include our flexible plugs which are available in a number of materials, these are most commonly used to thread through small cables through a wall or blanking space without leaving an exposed hole. Some of our most popular versions of these are our plastic plugs which are widely used to blank off excess holes and fix in easily, making them popular across a number of industries. These kind of stoppers are excellent for use when cable threading, with many solutions created for that specific use such as the flexible plugs which have been especially designed for the threading through cables. Also used for walls and panels, some of these styles are ideal for the placement into excess panel holes to prevent ingress and to allow for the threading through of a wire or cable. These plugs are a popular choice of panel threading products as they work excellently when pushed into panels, however they can also be used with desks, walls, partitions where required due to the sheer number of variants that we are able to offer for these parts.
Plugs For Tubes
Plugs for tubes or in simple terms, Plastic Plugs are an excellent protect for capping or stopping the end of a tube or box section. Coming in many shapes and styles for all kinds of tubing, these are an extremely popular product for us due to their multi purpose fittings and uses as feet, caps, plugs or even stoppers. We keep a large range of these tube based products in stock coming in almost every size imaginable.
Door Stoppers
Door Stoppers or quite simply Rubber Stoppers are a popular product which are frequently paired with a screw thanks to the countersunk area which is provided. Chosen over Plastic Plugs / Stoppers for their shock absorption and stopping properties, these work wonders to protect the area around a door and to prevent the handle from knocking into surrounding walls or objects.
Push Stoppers
Push Stoppers are a popular form of stopper, used over Plastic Plugs for their versatility and resistance to factors such as Chemicals & Acids. As a push fitting product, these do not require any additional fixings or adhesives for a secure and long lasting fitting to your application. Used most frequently with small appliances and objects to acts as bumpers, feet or stoppers, these come in many styles for you to choose from.
Snap Fit Bushes
These Plastic snap fit bush are manufactured using a handful of premium materials and have been made for use with cables, these are a range of solutions made from threading cables through as well as holding them in place. Widely referred to as Cable Management supplies these bushes are regularly used with panels to help thread and organize cables, as well as threading them through. These cable bushes are regularly used cable threading products but are also excellent for use with wire management to organize and tidy a group of cables and 'bush' them together. These panel cable management bushes are simple push fit solutions, snapping into the panel that they are placed inside. Ideal for use with panels, walls and partitions these can easily be fitted to manage all the cables that are protruding from the wall, something many businesses require. Snap fit bushes can and are used as plastic hole stoppers or plugs to fill an excess panel or wall hole, each design allowing for a cable to be threaded straight through, making these extremely popular inside the electronics industry along with grommets.
Tapered Plugs
Our tapered plastic stoppers, or plastic plugs as they are referred to, are one of our most popular reversible solutions that we are able to offer here on-site. This is due to their huge range of uses and size variants which allows them to suit a huge array of different jobs and uses including as threaded hole plugs, further working for masking, covering & protecting. Each of these plastic plugs has a varying flange which allows it to be placed inside of a hole, whilst covering the rim around it which is especially useful for particular applications such as masking where solutions that work this way are hard to come by. These Tapered Plugs are manufactured using a strong and sturdy LDPE (Low density polyethylene diomer) which helps to add to their effectiveness in many circumstances, whether or not you are protecting, masking, covering, plugging or capping. These products are also widely used over rubber stoppers or hole inserts due to their tapered style, working to provide a cost effective solution over their rubber and cheaper counterparts.
Flanged Barrel Plugs
Barrel Plugs are made from a tough LDPE material and are a quick push-fit plug solution that work just as a plastic stopper. The sides of the barrel plug are convex to help the plug hold itself in the hole securely and prevent it from being pushed out from pressure or natural causes. Barrel Plugs have a Flange Head to make them easy to install/remove when required, removing the need for an additional tool which is often required for alternative solutions such as Corks or rubber stoppers. Coming solely in a Natural finish, these semi see-through coloured stoppers are great for Transportation to protect from moisture, dirt and damage. If you would like advice with Plastic Stoppers, Nylon Plugs or Barrel Plugs or anything else please contact us on 01233 713581 and one of our representatives would be happy to deal with you and your project or its requirements.
Threaded Plugs
Threaded Plugs are made from a very durable and tough Polyethylene to protect internal threads from damage, moisture, corrosion and dirt. Threaded Plugs have an easy gripping head and are made from a hard plastic which allows them to be installed quickly and efficiently, helping you to simply screw it in to a thread to provide excellent internal and external protection. Each of these Threaded Stoppers is available with a ranging head and thread size, allowing you to create your very own custom solution to plug your threaded hole in the ideal way that you require. Our Threaded Plastic Plugs are hugely popular for their use to insert into threaded holes and are also widely used within the hydraulics and engineering Industries as they are a cost effective solution over other options such as rubber plugs made from high end materials such as Silicone or EPDM/TPR, Coming mainly in a Red finish, these have a bespoke look and can add a high quality feel to finish off your product or application. Simultaneously providing numerous protection benefits to help coat a particular area of a threaded object.
Threaded Sealing Plugs
Our threaded sealing plugs are widely used as plastic stoppers / rubber plugs solution that comes complete with a rubber o-ring to help provide that all important water-tight seal. These are a widely used solution as they have an advanced, professional design which allows for easy installation and sealing capabilities as this plug requires a simply push once in position due to its rubber ring on the outside which both creates a seal and keeps it sturdy whilst inside. These threaded sealing plugs work perfectly with threaded holes and have a plastic thread for screwing into an application, hence their popularity over other solutions such as rubber plugs or rubber stoppers. Due to the wide range of threads available on the market we cater to the majority with our BSP, UNF & Metric variants which helps to bring a solution for alot of people. These are often used instead of rubber stoppers / rubber plugs due to their threaded base which allows them to be screwed straight inside without the need for adhesives or additional fasteners/fixings.
Snap Fit Plugs
Snap Fit Plugs are an ergonomic, cheap solution for use as Plastic plugs that are often employed to prevent the ingress of dirt into threaded holes / standard holes. They are made to fit universal sizes with a simple push fit. Also known as snap fit plastic hole plugs or plastic stoppers, these can be ideal for use whilst transporting or storing due to the quick nature that they can be fitted or removed from an object/panel and are fairly durable for their class. These Plastic Plugs solutions are extremely simple, clipping straight inside of your required hole, also featuring a pull tab which allows for easy removal from the application once it is no longer required. These are recommended for an alternative to rubber stoppers, being a more cost effective and readily available product like many of our Plastic Plugs.
Fir Tree Plugs
Fir Tree Plugs are an economical push-fit type plastic plug and fastener for blanking off holes or fixings for panels. Fir Tree Plugs are made from an extremely strong Nylon 6/6 and are an easy to install item, often used over rubber stoppers due to their fixing properties. Fir Tree Plugs are a plastic plug type fastener that are excellent for use as plastic hole plugs. They are used in a broad range of Industries including Signs, Construction and Fabrication for the fixing and installing of external objects, they hold them in by having opposing pins to the direction of travel, preventing it from being withdrawn from a hole without breaking. These are advanced forms of plastic stoppers that work well for permanent fixings rather than temporary due to their hard-removal properties which prevent them from being pulled out with ease.
Washer Masking Plugs
Our Washer masking plugs are a top rubber plugs solution that are manufactured using a premium high temperature TPR. These work excellently as an alternative to a Silicone plug or rubber stoppers as they work essentially the same way by filling a hole, although these washer masking plugs come with the added feature of having a flange, this allows it to cover any exposed external components. Due to this flange these Rubber Plugs are especially useful for use with threaded holes and threaded applications as it prevents debris from creeping in through the gaps that can be left by rubber stoppers. These rubber plugs are perfect for use inside a number of industries, most importantly the powder coating, shot blasting and anodizing ones which regularly use high temperatures to coat, bake and cover parts which need coating. Industries that use these regularly are powder coating which widely coat threaded parts such as car alloys etc. These are used over our Plastic Plugs as they provide high temperature and heat-proof properties, something that Plastic isn't as efficient at doing unfortunately.
Pipe End Plugs
Pipe End Plugs are popular forms of plastic plugs, available in a huge range of sizes to fit a massive array of different pipe sizes. As a ribbed application these are able to provide just as much grip as some of our rubber plugs and rubber stoppers, holding itself tightly onto the inside of the pipe/hole. Being made from plastic these can frequently be regarded as cost effective solutions, preventing unnecessary damage or wear to your pipe/tube. Rubber stoppers are frequently used along-side these pipe end plugs to ensure that there is no ingress into the tube which can cause damage over time, the rubber providing the definite sealing that our Plastic Plugs cannot.
Finned Hole Plugs
Our finned hole plugs are one of our newest forms of plastic plugs. Available in a range of sizes these are an extremely popular form of plastic plugs, often used over fir tree plugs due to their fins which help to hold them in place. Used as a temporary solution rather than a permanent one these plastic hole plugs can be used to protect and fill holes, preventing ingress or damage over time. Often highly regarded for similar properties to rubber stoppers or rubber plugs these are manufactured using an LDPE plastic, this is a versatile material that provides both strength and flexibility. Each of these finned plastic plugs features a short pull tab on its head, preventing the need for additional tools to pick them out, especially when used with smaller holes. These are regarded as a temporary solution and therefore their price reflects that, being a majorly cost efficient part that costs fractions of what other products may cost to produce.
Tube End Plugs
Tube End Plugs are specifically made to plug or cap off the end of cardboard packaging tubes and are an excellent form of our Plastic Plugs. Being made to specific industry standard sizes, these work in the same way as rubber stoppers to plug and cap off the end of a tube. These Plastic tube end plugs are widely used plastic plugs inside a number of different industries as a widely disposable part, being thrown away once popped of the tube end. Most commonly used inside food manufacturing and production these plastic plugs are excellent for use as lids on food packaging or cardboard containers. They are easily installed and clip perfectly in to cardboard tubes as well as other higher-end solutions including plastic and even metal. Each of these plastic plugs has a slight flexibility to it, this allows it to bend slightly into position to provide a tighter, comfier fit to the tube that is is placed inside. Rubber Plugs are often used over these kind of tube ends as they are cheaper, however these are specifically designed for the use hence their popularity as they provide a nicer looking finish, along with an easier to use application that can be removed by hand rather than a tool.

Every one of our Plastic Plugs, Rubber Plugs, and Rubber Stoppers are manufactured using a number of premium quality materials. This ensures a long lasting yet durable product that is able to go above and beyond its purpose. As a leading UK manufacturer and supplier, we stock a massive range of different Plastic and Rubber Plug solutions to suit a variety of needs. From material manufacturing within production lines, to masking off an object before it is powder coated, we have a large selection of products available.

These Plugs and Stoppers are useful for all kinds of fabricating, sealing, finishing and masking uses within consumer and industrial related industries. Our range of Plugs and Stoppers has been produced with efficiency in mind, each having their own unique uses and characteristics.

Our selection of Plastic Plugs & Rubber Stoppers includes many different variations as found above. We have high temperature resistance, acid resistance and even weathering resistant options available. Along with these options, we are also able to offer a huge number of sizes for each product, with free sampling available on every single listing. This ensures that you can give it a try first hand before you buy.

Why use our selection of Plugs & Stoppers?

  • Produced from premium materials including LDPE, HDPE, EPDM, TPR, Nylon, and Silicone
  • Huge selection of advanced plugging and stopping solutions
  • Number of cost effective and efficient products
  • Each range available for free sampling
Each Rubber & Plastic Plug that we stock has a number of different uses, some of the most common include:

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