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Custom Moulding Services

Our Custom Moulding Services are available across a range of popular techniques. These are commonly employed during the manufacturing of Plastic, Rubber & Metal components. With over 25+ years of experience with custom moulds, we have the ability to create the product you require, every time.

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Standard Services Available: Dip, Injection, Extrusions, Over Mould & Rotational

Custom Moulding Services - Machine Example
Injection Moulding
Injection moulding is one of the most common processes for producing products made from Plastic & Rubber. This is due to the simple and efficient nature of an injection moulded tool. It works by feeding the desired material into a hopper before being heated until liquid. Then, it is pushed through the mould before being left to cool. Once cooled, the mould is removed and out comes the finished injection moulded product.
We work with hundreds of companies within the UK & Europe for injection moulded products, working with you to bring your product to life. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce your product at a competitive rate that suits you. Please get in touch with your design and requirements.
Popular products created using Injection Moulding:
Injection Moulded products example 1Injection Moulded products example 2

Over Moulding 

One of the most common uses of Over Moulding that you will see daily is an injection type moulding process. This is where a Plastic or Rubber is moulded over a secondary material. A common example of an Over Moulded product would be a screwdriver. This method of production allows for a more complex type of mould, enabling intricate designs for functional uses.
We work closely with a number of companies who we manufacture Over Moulded products for, and are happy to go through your product design at any stage. Simply get in touch by filling out the form below, or giving one of our representatives a call.
Popular products created using Over Moulding:
Overmoulded product example 1Overmoulded product example 2

Rotational Moulding 

Rotational Moulding is another commonly employed production method. This is used to create mainly hollow products made from Plastics. This form of moulding works by rotating the liquid plastic around the mould to give the desired shape and effect. This is a method often used to create products such as canoes, where strength is essential. This is often used over Dip / Injection Moulding for larger objects as they cannot provide such strength at higher dimensions.

We are proud for offer custom Rotational Moulding services if you are looking to bring your product design to life. We offer expert advice on moulding techniques and cost estimation. Simply get in contact by filling out the form or by giving us a call using the number noted below.

Popular products created using Rotational Moulding:
Rotational moulded product example 1

Dip Moulding 

Dip Moulding is a simple and frequently employed process inside the UK. It works by creating a to-scale mould of the product before it is heated and dipped in a liquid Plastic or PVC. With this type of process, the speed of entry and dip time determines the shape and thickness of the final product. The product is then cured in the oven to harden before being dipped in water. This is to give it a solid feel and finish. Once the Plastic has cooled, the product is then blown off the mould using compressed air.

We are happy to offer a vast selection of Dip Moulding and PVC Manufacturing processes for custom products. Simply get in touch with your requirements and design preferences for us to provide you with a expert advice, along with an idea of cost / lead times.

Popular products created using Dip Moulding:
Dip moulded products example 1Dip moulded products example 2


Extrusions is a high volume Plastic & Rubber product manufacturing process. This is where a profile is created to keep the material uniform. Heated plastic is then passed through the profile to give it a specific shape and characteristic. This method of Moulding is often used to create things such as beams, pipes, and tubing. It is one of the most efficient ways to mould basic Plastic / Rubber designs.

We are proud to offer custom extrusions to make your product come to life. If you are interested in getting your product made by us, don't hesitate to fill out the form below and get a quick quote from us. Alternatively, you can call and speak to one of our advisors.

Popular products created using Extrusions:
Extrusion moulded product example 1Extrusion moulded product example 2