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Guide To Castor Wheels

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to our Castor Wheel range! Here, we’ve put together an in-depth look at all the different types and styles of Castor Wheels that we offer here at Vital Parts, to help you find the right kind of wheel for your application!

Our range of Chair & Furniture Castors includes products manufactured from carefully selected, high quality materials including Steel, Nylon, TPR & Polyamide. Typically, Castor Wheels are commonly found installed onto office chairs or heavy furniture where they aid movement across a surface. Other common uses can include to reduce noise and to prevent damage to the surface they are used on.

We’re pleased to have recently expanded this range to be able to offer new fitment types, ensuring that we can always stock the product our customers would need!


What Fitments Do We Offer?

We offer all of our Chair & Furniture Castors with three different fixings: Fixed Plate, Stemmed (which can also be known as Circlip), and Threaded.

Fixed Plate fixings are useful to attach your Castors onto a flat surface, such as the bottom of a cabinet. Stemmed or Circlip fixings

These fitments are ideal for any type of installation required, fitting easily into various furniture, or screwed onto the bottom of an application. Our variety and customisation in which size, wheel type, and fitment you buy makes ordering easier than ever, ensuring you can get the best type of wheel for your project from us.


Our Wheel Types

Our Chair & Furniture Castors come in both soft and hard wheel types. These two types are manufactured to aid in any way needed, ensuring that your castors are compatible with the type of flooring they are used on.

Hard Wheel Castors are manufactured from a Steel Stud & Polyamide Plastic combination, and are designed for use with soft surfaces, including carpets, vinyl, and fabric.

Soft Wheel Castors, on the other hand, are manufactured using a TPE rubber and a steel stem. We recommend these castors for use with hard floors and even concrete, thanks to the soft rubber coating on the outer portion of the wheels.


We Also Offer Our Castors With Brakes

We are pleased to offer each fitment and wheel type with a directional brake or ‘lockable wheel’ as they are also known. This is useful in preventing the wheel from moving once locked, meaning they can be used for static applications such as a desk or workbench.

We offer these braked castors in all our sizes across both soft and hard wheel types, as well as across each of our three standard fitment options.


What Types of Castors Do We Offer?

We offer a large range of Castor Wheels from standard options designed for furniture, to specialist types which dispel static. We aim to cater for the majority of use-cases and this is reflected through our standard range.


Tower Castor Glides

Tower Castor Glides are the perfect solution for applications that require a fixed stature and stability, rather than movement. These Tower Glides are manufactured from a strong Polyamide and paired with a Steel stud, which ensures their reliability across a range of household and office related uses.

Click here to see our range of Tower Castor Glides!


Castor Cups

Castor Cups or ‘Castor Wheel Cups’ come in one main size, to fit a general majority of wheel sizes up to 60mm internal diameter. These products are typically used with Castor Wheels and act as a base, to cup the wheel and to prevent movement. Our Castor Cups are perfect for use when movement is no longer needed, either as a temporary or permanent solution, as well as to protect surfaces from damage.

Click here to see our range of Castor Cups!


38mm Castor Wheels

We offer our Chair & Furniture Castors in a variety of wheel sizes, recently having added our 38mm variants. Our 38mm Castors are manufactured from a high strength Polyamide (PA) and come in both soft and hard wheel types.

As with our standard 50mm Chair & Furniture Castors, these 38mm Castors come in a number of fixtures to suit any kind of installation. We offer these Castors in Stemmed, Fixed Plate, and Threaded fixings, perfect to fit a variety of applications.

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50mm Castor Wheels

The first of our range, our 50mm Castors are an economic solution that work well as replacement wheels for office chairs and equipment. As standard furniture castors, these 50mm Castors are perfect to fit almost any standard office chair, though please measure beforehand to ensure you find the correct fit!

Coming in all of our fitment types, as well as braked and unbraked versions, these castors are ideal used as replacements or during the manufacturing of equipment.

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75mm Castor Wheels

75mm Castor Wheels are manufactured from a Polyamide and Steel with a Polyurethane soft tyre, making them great for use on both hard and soft surfaces. Each wheel is offered in braked and unbraked versions, as well as in all of our fitment types, perfect for any application.

We recommend 75mm Castor Wheels over some of the other types we have available, especially for heavier applications thanks to an individual load rating of 75kg per wheel.

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Antimicrobial Castor Wheels

Unlike our other Castor Wheel types, these Antimicrobial Castors feature an antimicrobial coating called Biocote that uses silver ions to protect against colonising microbes by interfering with DNA replication. This specialised hygienic coating makes Antimicrobial Castors excellent for use within medical or food related industries.

We stock Antimicrobial Castors in both braked and unbraked versions with a soft Polyurethane wheel, coming in wheel diameters from 50mm to 125mm. We also offer these Castors in all of our fitment types.

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Conductive Castor Wheels

Designed to dispel the build-up of static, our Conductive Castors are great for use on trolleys or carts. They are commonly used within production facilities that deal with sensitive electronic equipment that could be damaged by the build-up of static electricity.

As the castor is always in contact with the ground, these can be a cost effective and efficient way of removing static build up, and they are designed with a soft Polyurethane for the wheel to greatly improve traction when used on harder surfaces.

Click through to see our range of Conductive Castors:


Considerations For Castor Wheels

Our wide range of Castor Wheels means that we are able to offer a variety of Castor types with many different qualities and uses. We aim to be able to fulfil any requirements for our Castors, and to find you the perfect fit! Consider these…

  • Looking for a load bearing Castor for heavier applications? See our 75mm Castors that can hold up to 75kg worth of weight
  • Need a Castor that can withstand hard or uneven surfaces? Our Soft Wheel Castors made with TPE Rubber are perfect for rough textures
  • Want to control the wheel of our Castors? We offer braked versions of all our Castor Wheel types to give you complete control