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Clamping Handles

Our selection of Indexed Clamping Handles & Levers includes varied solutions aimed at the clamping and fixing of an application, used widely within a number of industries for both basic and advanced functions. Suited towards all kinds of clamping, fixing and rotating uses, or even to hold something in place, each Clamping Handle that we offer comes complete with a button for ratchet activation, allowing the rotation of your handle to a required angle. Thanks to the ratchet mechanism, these handles can be operated at almost any angle, aiding its use inside confined or restricted area's. Available in varied materials such as Brass, Steel & Nylon, along with male and female threaded options, we keep a number of different options ready for all possible uses.

We stock Clamping Handles & Levers in a number of models as displayed below, including both heavy duty and economic versions for installation to different types of product. To view all available sizes for each handle or to see specific product information, please click through to your preferred option below before selecting your size.

Why Use Our Indexed Clamping Handles
  • Manufactured to meet strict industry standards
  • Available in high quality material options
  • Complete with ratchet activation
  • Threaded styles
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Variations Of Clamping Handles

Ergonomic Clamping Handles
These Ergonomic style Clamping Levers are designed specifically for manual handling use, produced to provide comfort even when a large amount of force is applied. Complete with ratchets for ease of rotation and movement, these are an all in one product for most adjustment uses, where an application must be clamped to lock its positioning. As a positioning product these Indexed Handles can be seen on many mechanisms such as a camera tripod, which may need frequent adjustment depending on its use.
Metal Clamping Handles
Metal forms of Indexed Clamping Handle are regularly used with heavy duty applications, where Plastic, Nylon or similar will not suffice. Able to take an excellent level of force, these can be used with industrial machinery and applications that can sometimes require rotational adjustment, such as to lower an arm before clamping its long term position.
Nylon Clamping Handles
Nylon Clamping Levers are a lightweight and cost effective form of handle, coming from standard with all the same mechanisms as our heavier duty versions. Complete with a ratchet mechanism for rotation as well as a clamping one for fixing a position, these are recommended for all types of lightweight applications that often require adjustment or movement during use.
Stainless Clamping Handles
These Stainless Steel forms of Indexed Clamping Handles are one of our specialist options, able to take a good level of weight thanks to the strength that this material provides. Being hygienic, Stainless Steel is able to be wiped down and regularly cleaned to prevent contamination, hence its popularity inside many industries that regularly work with sensitive products (such as food or medicine). Complete with an indexed clamping mechanism, these work great for general adjustment and fixing purposes.

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