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Index Plungers

Variations Of Index Plungers

Threaded Ball Index Plungers
These Ball Plungers are the most common form of Threaded Indexing Plunger available in today's market, regarded as the industry standard when it comes to such plungers. Available in a huge range of sizes, diameters and thread sizes, these can be matched up perfectly depending on your requirements. Offered in both standard or burnished steel finishes for colour matching to your equipment.
Cam Index Plungers
Cam Plungers are a popular form of Threaded Indexing Plungers, offering an easy to use and adjust handle which interacts with the spring loaded mechanism inside. Used to affix or hold something in position by control, these are often found within objects such as lockers, cabinets and other uses where a door/drawer is held shut.
Fixing Plate Index Plungers
These Fixing Plate versions of Indexing Plunger offer the ability to fix a plate onto your required application, often this could be to operate a basic function such as acting as a catch. Fixed via screw or bolt, these are a truly versatile option thanks to the plate installed.
Metal Body Index Plungers
Metal Body Plungers feature the same spring loaded plungermechanism and locking rest position as many of their other counterparts, however being made from high quality Steel / Stainless Steel allows their use inside many industries where such materials are a requirement. Indexing Plungers may feature in industries such as food preparation as they could be used to operate basic machine function, such as to hold a control arm in a particular position whilst preparing.
Retractable Index Plungers
Retractable Plungers offer a minimalist design, paired with the traditional functionality that Indexing Plungers commonly provide. Coming with a locking rest position from standard, these are able to hold an application in place, without the need for any other interaction. Offered with metric threads between M8 & M10 we recommend screwing these into pre-defined threaded holes, which are common-place with modern machinery for the attachment of such products.
Ring Pull Index Plungers
Ring Pull Indexing Plungers are a non conventional form of plunger, coming with a pull ring for a fast and reliable release action. Coming with a threaded body these, like most of our other solutions, are compatible with all kinds of female metric threaded parts, for example threaded nuts or bolts.
Lock Position Index Plungers
Lock Position Plungers are useful for all kinds of indexing purposes, with the ability to hold itself in position without the need for constant interaction, either from a human or machine. As threaded index plungers these are compatible with all types of metric threaded components, screwing straight into threaded nuts or inserts as and when required. Such compatibility allows for a quick and stress free installation, along with the ability for fast removal when used temporarily.
Thermoplastic Index Plungers
Thermoplastic Index Plungers are an economic form of plunger, designed to withstand similar properties to their metal counterparts, but at a lower cost. Great for indexing and positioning, these plungers are high quality and manufactured to strict requirements to ensure excellent performance.
Our selection of Index Plungers are produced using a range of high quality materials including Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel, along with many other carefully chosen elements to increase resistances and longevity. Designed for long term usage within industrial and machine based mechanisms these work by a spring loaded ball or pin being released through a pre-defined hole, either automatically or by pulling a handle/knob. From standard many of the Index Plungers that we offer come with something called a 'locking rest position' which is where the handle can be turned in a certain way to hold the object in place, without the need for a consistent pressure to be applied. Each of the Index Plungers offered below is available in an assortment of sizes and finishes, to meet particular project or product requirements that you may have. 

We stock these Spring Loaded Plungers in a variety of different styles, sizes and finishes as displayed below, including many heavy duty and unique options for more complex uses. Please click through to your preferred type to find out additional product information along with the sizes that are available for each. 

Why Use Our Index Plungers?
  • Manufactured from a selection of carefully chosen materials including Stainless Steel & Zinc Alloys
  • Designed for many different locking and positioning uses
  • Varied styles to meet strict specifications
  • Free samples available
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What Delivery Services are available?
We offer free 3-5 Day Delivery for orders over £15, £4.85 2nd Class Services for orders below £10 and £2.85 for orders £10-15. We also offer Next Day Delivery for £12.50 along with Guaranteed AM Delivery if required, collection can be arranged free of charge from our warehouse. For international shipping prices please use the shipping calculator on the cart page, once a product is inside your cart.

Can I get a Free Sample?
Free Samples can be requested through our product pages, displayed in the sizing table beside the product you require. Please note you can always give us a call on 01233 713 581 or contact us over Live Chat to discuss samples.

Do I need to Sign Up for an account?
You do not need to sign up to place an order, but it is recommended if you'd like to gain loyalty points, giving discount off future orders. To learn more about loyalty points, please see our Rewards Scheme page.

I am not sure what parts I need?
If you're unsure of what part you need then please do not hesitate to give one of our friendly Sales Team a call on 01233 713 581 and they can assist you. Alternatively, we're regularly active on the Live Chat and are always open for questions. 

Do you offer Returns on Products?
We offer a return period on all of our products to give you peace of mind, to view our policies and learn more about this process should it be required, please see our Returns Policy page.

Can you supply different colours of this product?
In most cases we have the facilities to offer you different colours of a product, specific to your requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on the manufacturing technique in question, but please get in touch with any queries you may have.

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