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Guide To Masking

Welcome to the Vital Parts guide to High Temperature Masking, your number one source for information surrounding the best products for use during the coating, painting, re-finishing and refurbishment processes. This guide has been put together to provide detail on the different options available, as well as the properties that they provide.

High Temperature Masking is a necessity inside many industries that deal with heat and hostile environments, where baking/heat treatment is required to finish the application. Coming in many shapes and forms from Hooks to End Caps, masking is hugely versatile and can be adapted to meet your project requirements.

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  1.  Why Use Masking Products
  2.  How To Measure For Masking
  3.  Matching Up Threaded Holes
  4.  Material Resistance Guide
  5.  Hook Weight Ratings
  6.  What's Available For Masking

When & Why To Use High Temperature Masking Products

Masking Products are used for a whole host of different applications and reasons, varying depending on the industry in which they are operating. Below are some of the most commonly occurring reasons behind the use of advanced masking solutions.

To increase efficiency

Certain products such as Tape Dots work well to reduce the time taken to mask off menial area’s such as bolt holes, helping to increase efficiency when used over an extended period. Increasing efficiency is essential to completing work on time and turning around more projects.

To decrease costs

Similar to increasing efficiency, some masking products can be used in a cost effective manner to reduce the overall costs experienced with consistent projects. Products such as Silicone Caps & Plugs can be used multiple times before they are no longer effective, removing the need for constant replenishment of stock.

To provide a higher quality finish

When used for jobs such as Powder Coating our masking solutions can be used to provide a higher quality finish, such as to prevent over spray or coating of area’s which aren’t required. Masking Tapes are generally recommended for such uses, to reduce the need for secondary processes.

How To Measure Up For MaskingMasking Preparation

As the applications masked off can vary so greatly, it is generally recommended to have a selection of different sizes available to use at your disposal. Often, products such as Masking Tapes can be cut to a specific shape as covers for excess holes and gaps which may have been unforeseen during the initial masking procedure. For the most part the majority of our High Temperature Masking solutions can be used across a selection of hole and stud sizes.

If you need assistance on how to measure studs for Caps then please see our guide here

If you need assistance on how to measure holes for Plugs then please see our guide here

Please see the table below for a guide on matching up our products to specific hole sizes, in particular threaded holes which are an extremely common application for our masking products.

Matching Up Threaded Holes
Masking Hole Sizes Table

Along with measurement considerations, it is important to take into account the temperature resistance required for your use. Temperatures of 200C°+ are generally recommended as industry standard for most curing methods, with both higher and lower temperatures also used for particular applications. To get an understanding of the different resistances available throughout our product range, please see the table below which outlines the majority of common solutions.

Material Resistance Guides
Materials For Masking Table

If hanging is a requirement during your masking/finishing process, then it is important to consider the weight ratings involved. Metal Hooks called ‘Paint Hooks’ are regularly used for such employments, coming in C, V & S styles suitable for varied uses. See the table below for an idea around the weight capabilities according to the chosen style.

Hook Load Ratings

Hooks Load Ratings

To view C & S Hook ratings, please click here

What’s Available For High Temperature Masking?

We have a truly huge selection of Masking Solutions suited for a range of different uses whether your refurbishing alloys, or protecting an element on a PCB board. Each solution can aid the efficiency within your organization and can go a long way in reducing your overall spend.

Caps & Plugs
Caps & Plugs are a go to product for many professionals within industry, as a masking solution for holes, rods and studs. Made from high temperature rubbers, these hold themselves in place on your application, without the need for adhesives which can often deteriorate with heat.Silicone Cone Caps For Masking, Vital Guide

  • PVC Caps
  • EPDM Caps & EPDM Plugs
  • Silicone Caps & Silicone Plugs
Click here to view all Masking Caps & Plugs

Masking Kits
Masking Kits are generally recommended for varied uses, where a range of sizes can be purchased in smaller volumes at competitive prices. Available with High Temperature Caps, Plugs & Tapes you can choose based on your requirements, with custom kits available upon request.

  • Complete Kits (Caps, Plugs & Tapes)Kits For Masking, Vital Guide
  • Cap Kits
  • Plug Kits
  • Tape Kits
  • Starter Kits
Click here to view all Masking Kits

Hanging Hooks
Hanging Hooks are common-place for the coating or refurbishment of Alloy Wheels and similar applications, used to suspend an object in the air to provide a higher level of coverage and to aid the curing process. Available in C, V & S Hook styles from 1.2mm to 10mm in width, we offer a selection of hanging options to meet requirements. 

  • C HooksHooks For Masking, Vital Guide
  • S Hooks
  • V Hooks
Click here to view all Masking Hooks

High Temperature Tapes & Discs
Masking Tapes & Discs are some of the most frequently used products for generic employments, to mask off almost any size or shape possible. Coming with a huge selection of properties to match up to your needs, tapes are a versatile option that can be cut in any size from 1000mm widths, to as little as 1mm.

  • Green/Blue/Red Polyester (25, 50 Micron, Also Available As Discs)Masking Tapes, Vital Guide
  • Amber Polyimide (Anti Static, Standard, Also Available As Discs)
  • Crepe Paper
  • Matte Cloth
  • Custom Discs

Click here to view all Masking Tapes & Discs

Alloy Wheel Discs
Wheel Discs are our most popular masking product for increasing efficiency and reducing costs, aimed specifically at the coating, finishing and refurbishment of Alloy Wheels. Cut to all industry standard sizes of wheel, these are available from 140mm up to 200mm, covering the majority of popular brand names (such as VW, BMW & Audi).

  • High Temperature Crepe (up to 200c)Alloy Wheel Discs, Vital Guide
  • Best Selling Masking Product
  • 140mm - 200mm Pre-Cut
Click here to view all Alloy Wheel Discs


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