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At Vital Parts Ltd we manufacture and distribute a vast range of Plastic, Rubber and Metal Components, operating from three locations; Our Head Office and Warehouse in Maidstone, Kent as well as our Technical Branch in Bournemouth, Dorset. We employ a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, striving to provide an excellent service. Our aim is to innovate the industry through an easy to use website, friendly support from our staff and a highly efficient order process, to meet your high standards every time you shop with Vital Parts.

Absolutely excellent service. The website is clear and easy to navigate, my telephone query was answered promptly and with courtesy which is always appreciated. Though mine was a small order, it arrived very promptly and with free delivery, every product was clearly labelled for use. I really cannot find a fault, great job guys.

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At Vital Parts our mission is to provide an unbeatable and easy-to-use service, making us one of the leading component providers in the UK. With this ambition comes a large selection of product ranges and sizes, with many colours and variations to suit. Offering thousands of bespoke line drawings, images and specification sheets across our vast product inventory ensures that we have the details that you require, even for the most technical of projects.

It is our attention to detail and exemplary customer service that has proved to be the defining characteristic when our customers come back time after time. Offering expert advice with all kinds of commercial, industrial and consumer related projects we are happy to work with you to find the best possible solution, within your requirements and budget capabilities. It is for these reasons why we have adopted the slogan, we mould around you.



As an outgoing ISO9001:2015 accredited company we work hard to provide each and every customer with an ideal shopping experience, working to tailor and adapt our services and products to meet specific customers needs. Being in an ever-changing industry means we are trying to lead innovation wherever possible - developing and producing ground-breaking products, services and online features that will help to reduce the consumer issues that the industry faces on a day-to-day basis.

As well as innovating we are always looking to provide an effective web-based user experience on our website, providing resources, guides and instant support at every stage of the purchasing process. Some of the main resources and features we offer through our website includes:

Line Drawings

Measurement Guides

Loyalty Points

Live Chat Support

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More than just a tag line 'We Mould Around You' incorporates all of our company values, from our hugely diverse product range to the way we put you the customer at the forefront of our operations. Below we've broken down these values against the four core area's we feel can make or break the purchasing experience - Listen, Manufacture, Deliver and Appreciate.

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As an outgoing company we work hard to provide each and every customer with an ideal shopping experience, which is exactly why we listen to our customers. This value applies across everything we do and aim to achieve, from friendly, approachable staff who are more than happy to listen to your requirements, to tackling socio-cultural issues such as the overuse of non recyclable products. This value puts you at the forefront of our operations, as we're always here to listen to you and your needs.


As both a manufacturer and a supplier, we manufacture applies to all our customers and product ranges. We’ve successfully managed hundreds of custom manufacturing projects since 2015, varying in size, challenges and requirements, which is why we’re confident that we can meet your requirements, every time. This value is all about flexibility and the ability mould to you, no matter if you're looking for a simple modification to an existing product, or would like to create a new solution from scratch.


We don't just aim to 'deliver' our products, the aim is that we deliver an ideal experience every time you shop with Vital Parts. We do this through a number of internal policies that put you, the customer first, including an efficient dispatch system processing orders 24/7 and friendly customer service team which will work out any issues you may have. Our product guarantees and return policies are targeted at delivering a smooth customer experience, whether its your first order or you order on a weekly basis.


Our values are all about customer appreciation and action, as an ethos running deep within the company. Just an example of how we appreciate you, the customer, is by offering a host of additional services and benefits including a Loyalty Point system, Customer Account area and opportunities to provide feedback so that we can improve where required. These features allow us to appreciate you and give you something back, giving the best experience possible.

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If you require a consistent quantity of a product over a long period of time it is recommended to set up a buffer stock level - this ensures that a product is kept in stock and is ready for delivery straight away. This benefit is suited towards business account holders and businesses can sign up for an account by filling out this form, before sending it over to our accounts team for review.


We have many different product ranges available through our website, fully stocked with all possible types and variations of a component. Some of our most popular ranges include End Caps, Plugs, Tube Inserts, Chair Feet, Masking Products and Adjustable Feet to name a few. If you're having any trouble deciphering material abbreviations that are used on-site, please visit our abbreviations page which should provide all the help you need.


Our Custom Moulding Services page can be found here, outlining each benefit and feature of different moulding techniques available to give the best idea possible when it comes to your project. We have worked with many businesses and consumers on custom moulding projects in the past and will actively work with you to produce a high quality product that meets all of your requirements, including target prices.


We are able to provide a number of basic product finishing services to enhance or tailor a product to your requirements; these vary from product to product and can be discussed over the phone on 01233 713 581, or via our contact us page.


Our pricing structure is based on individual quantities and price breaks rather than set pack sizes, prices falling lower as the quantity of an item is increased. This allows us to provide smaller quantities whilst staying competitive at the higher quantity ranges, if you would like a quotation for a product then speak to a member of our sales team on 01233 713 581 (Option 1).


We have multiple purchasing and payment options available for customers and are relatively flexible in terms of payment type, with the facility for credit accounts where applicable. Some of the other standard payment options available include:

  • Credit/Debit Card Via Paypal Or Stripe
  • Invoiced / Pro-forma (Credit Account)
  • Bank Transfer / BACS
  • Purchase Order
  • Telephone
  • Cheque
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You can keep up to date by following our social media accounts; this will notify you of all the upcoming events, news, new products and special offers as and when they are released. We operate across all major channels so be sure to come and find us!

Alternatively, if you require verbal support please user our departmental numbers as below:

  • 01233 713 581 (Option 1) - Sales
  • 01233 713 581 (Option 2) - Customer Service
  • 01233 713 581 (Option 3) - Accounts