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Control Handwheels

Our selection of Control Handwheels includes a number of solutions suited for use with Machinery & Industrial Equipment, available mainly in Keywayed form for installation onto your application. Manufactured in a variety of heavy duty, resistant materials such as Stainless Steel & Pressed Steel, these are designed for use inside professional settings where exposure to potentially harmful or damaging substances may be commonplace. As an operational product these Control Handwheels are recommended for both adjustment and functional uses, where turning will provide the necessary action. 

See our range of Keywayed Handwheels & Control Handwheels below, before clicking through to your preferred option to view all available sizes for each. We aim to stock a large range of sizes to suit all potential uses, from smaller applications up to heavier, larger ones which may be a requirement. 

Benefits Of Our Control Handwheels
  • Manufactured for industrial and professional uses
  • Keywayed and plain bore options available
  • Designed for operational functions
  • Variety of heavy duty materials
** Plain bore control handwheels coming soon

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Variations Of Control Handwheels

Stainless Control Handwheels
These Stainless Steel type Control Handwheels for machinery are suited specifically for industrial use, preferably inside factories or area's where contamination must be kept to a bare minimum. Able to be wiped clean, Stainless Steel is a popular material inside food production machinery for hygiene reasons, thanks to the rust free nature that it provides. Installed via keyway slotted rods, these can be pushed straight onto your application, to provide a control mechanism that is often used to perform basic functions such as opening/closing of a valve, door or tube.
Steel Control Handwheels
These Steel type Control Handwheels are finished in pressed black, offering a high quality look and feel without a huge price tag. Useful for all kinds of industrial machinery and hardware, these act as a control mechanism often used to open or close a valve, or basic function. Coming with a spoked design from standard, these offer excellent levels of grip, with many area's to grab onto if required. Also known as keywayed handwheels due to their installation requirement (via keyway), these simply push onto a metal rod without the need for additional components, fixings or adhesives.

Please click through to find all available product sizes.
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