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Vital Parts Become Heyco Distributors In The UK

Vital Parts Becomes UK Distributor Of Heyco Products

"Trust a combined experience of 100+ years in the manufacturing and design of moulded wire and stamped electrical components, coupled with unrivalled customer service and a vast product offering"

Vital Parts UK Distributors Of Heyco Products

Why Vital Parts?

"Absolutely excellent service. The website is clear and easy to navigate, my telephone query was answered promptly and with courtesy which is always appreciated. My order arrived very promptly and with free delivery, every product was clearly labelled for use. I really cannot find a fault, great job guys.

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Popular Solutions We Offer

    1. Strain Relief Bushings (Original, Snap In, Lockit, Speciality)     6. Liquid Tight Plugs (V-0 Tight Hole Plugs, Threaded, Break Through) 
    2. Domed Plugs (Shorty, Thick Panel, Halogen/Phosphorous Free)     7. Vent Plugs (Thick Panel, Filtered, Liquid Tight, Threaded, Louvered)
    3. Hole Plugs (Ergonomic, Glossy, Pry Out, Double D, Rectangular)     8. Cable Glands (Snap In, Liquid Tight, Threaded, Break Through)
    4. Window Plugs (View Port, Diffuser, Shorty, Oval)     9. Bushings (Snap In, Pry Out, Shorty, Snub, Thin Panel)
    5. Knock Out Seals (Knock Out V-0, Thick Panel)     10. Electronic Caps & Plugs (Subminiature, Miniature, Connectors)

Please note that this is just an overview of the product ranges we cover and we are able to supply any part from the Heyco range. Get in touch with a member of our team today and discuss your application with our experts, holding a combined 30+ years of experience within Heyco products and solutions.

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