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Our Selection of Furniture & Chair Feet

Plastic & Rubber Feet
Plastic & Rubber Feet are generally, what most of our Chair Feet come under. Plastic is generally recommended for softer floor types (such as Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl) with Rubber suggested for harder surfaces (such as Wood, Concrete, Tiles). Available as Furniture Inserts or Chair Ferrules, along with a whole host of other solutions and designs, you can rest assured that your perfect solution can be found inside this product range.
Plastic & Rubber Ferrules
External Chair ferrules as they are more commonly known fit to the outside of chair / furniture legs. We provide them in a durable LDPE and a long lasting neoprene rubber to suit all applications. We sell a number of different external replacement chair feet including Plastic External Feet, Rubber Style 1 & 2, General Rubber and Crutch Style Feet. As a popular alternative to their tubular counter-parts, these Chair Ferrules work by slotting onto the end of a leg, acting as a tip or cover to prevent unnecessary floor scratching or damage. External fitting feet are widely used inside industries such as education and health-care where they are used to provide grip and stability to an application. For example with our rubber crutch style feet that are slipped onto the end of a crutch to give stability, integrity, grip and strength. These are some of our strongest replacement ferrules as they fit over the chair leg rather than inside, meaning that they cover the hole leg, providing a number of benefits from grip to anti-slip. Being less common in Schools than Inserts, these Ferrules are more frequently found in Workplaces or households where hard floorings are common. Along with External versions, Plastic feet are one of the most common replacement feet available, they come in thousands of different styles to suit all types of Furniture whether they require internal or external fitting options. Internal fitting plastic feet for furniture are widely used with tubular or hollow chair legs as the feet can be placed in the end and simply hit inside with a hammer or mallet. External fitting plastic inserts on the other hand tend to be used with solid chair legs, these can be square, round or even rectangular therefore there are alot of options for plastic furniture inserts. Rubber feet are one of the most widely used replacement feet products due to their excellent gripping and non marking properties when in use. They help to keep an application firmly on the ground at all times whilst protecting the floor and chair leg from excess and unnecessary wear or damage. These replacement ferrules for chairs and furniture are a relatively cost effective solution that are available in a massive variety of styles, this includes heavy duty styles such as Crutch feet, as well as lesser styles such as Rubber style 1 which is one of our most popular styles. Being popular for use with harder style floorings, these kind of feet act as end tips rather than inserts, covering the end of the chair leg rather than fitting internally.
Walking Stick Ferrules
Walking stick ferrules are a specialist form of 'Chair Ferrule' suited specifically for walking sticks. Available in standard sizes, these have been designed for easy fitting and use with all walking aids, which are generally used by the elderly or disabled. As Replacement Chair Feet goes, these are an excellent tool which can be considered a consumable for people who regularly use such aids in their day to day life, increasing grip and preventing shock/excess vibrations.
Chair Inserts
Our Internal fitting replacement chair feet are most commonly used for chairs that have a tubular leg i.e. School chairs. The main benefit with internal fitting feet for chairs/ table feet is that the finish is to a high standard, they make good contact with the floors and sit flush on the chair which is great for when stacking them. Internal feet or Furniture Inserts, are available in Round, Square, Rectangular and Oval to suit your specific tube or chair/appliance leg, ensuring a quality fit and installation every time. Each chair insert that we offer inside this selection comes with strong external ribs which help to keep it tight inside the tube, once applied it prevents them from being knocked or falling out easily, bending into position.
Chair & Furniture Castors
Chair & Furniture Castors have been a long awaited product to come into the Vital Parts range, commonly used on the bottom of Office Chairs as replacement wheels (to provide grip, or prevent noise/marking). Similar to our other applications such as Chair Ferrules, these Castors can either provide grip on hard surfaces or prevent damage, which can be caused by old or worn castors used on existing office chairs.
Saddle Feet
Saddle feet are ideal for the protection of chairs with metal tubes that are in contact with the ground, they help prevent the floor being damaged, the chair being worn down and general wear and tear over time. Alternatively Saddle feet are widely used to protect and thread metal tubes that are at ground level, this is one of their wider uses. Each Saddle foot also comes with slight grooves on the bottom to help provide a good level of grip throughout its usage. Acting as a form of fixing these feet have the ability to clip tubes/pipes into place, with a peg acting as the holding components. Popular as an alternate to our other replacement chair feet ranges, these products give our range versatility towards tubular or pipe based chairs, furniture or appliances. We supply these products to fit the different metric sizes made standard within the furniture industry, with the majority of styles including a 5.5mm Peg to keep them static in one position. They are made from a durable LDPE for a long life span and are excellent value for money.
Push In Feet
Push in feet are easy to fit, rubber versions of our Furniture Inserts, requiring just a push for a tight fitting. Simply push the feet into a punched or drilled hole for instant benefits. The black PVC used to manufacture these feet are ideal for housings and cases which require small feet to help provide grip and prevent them from moving or being easily knocked off a surface. Also known as grommet feet these are excellent for general usage to prevent slipping and marking when placed on top of expensive furniture/appliances, examples of common uses include keyboard feet, microwave feet, laptop feet etc.
Sofa Feet
Sofa Feet are yet another new product into our Replacement Chair Feet range, acting either as replacement or upgrades to existing solutions. Useful for adding height/raising your sofa, these are stocked in a selection of fixing options, from threaded and screw in, to push fitting. Technically known as 'Furniture Inserts' these feet have been produced by popular demand, based on the popularity of upgrades to existing solutions.
Screw On Feet
Screw on feet are made from a rubber with a recessed hole in the base to allow them to be screwed onto the application and keep the head hidden. These screw on feet are widely used as a rubber stopper or door stop to help prevent damage to walls and doors in the area, they have excellent shock absorption properties and are a truly hard wearing part. Alternatively, they can also be used as a replacement feet for chair solution simply screwing onto the bottom of a piece of furniture. These Screw on feet provide excellent levels of grip and are extremely durable and hard wearing, they are also made from a non marking rubber to help prevent the scratching of floors whilst in use. Attaching mainly by thread or screw, these come with a hole through the centre from standard to allow for this kind of fixing.
Furniture & Chair Glides
Our Furniture & Chair glides range comes in a variety of styles to suit the varied applications that you may have for them. Each Nail on foot or glide comes with a steel nail which helps it to be easily installed onto any wooden or soft furnished furniture. These Nail on feet are widely used with large furniture to help 'glide' it across a surface without causing damage to the flooring beneath, this makes them especially popular within the furniture industry. Glides are a perfect alternative to Chair Ferrules & Furniture Inserts, working to reduce the friction experienced with the surface they are placed on rather than increasing it. Alternatively, they can also be used as a replacement chair feet, this allows them to provide grip and helps to stabilize the application. Coming in a huge number of base materials such as Teflon, Nylon, Rubber & LDPE, you can rest assured that we have the best possible choice for your application.
Stick On Feet & Pads
Stick on feet are a popular alternative to our Chair Ferrules, requiring no effort or installation guides, these stick straight onto your required application. Made from a self-adhesive rubber, these are commonly used to give applications more grip and contact with the surface. A great example where they are extremely useful is for when they are applied to the bottom of a laptop or computer keyboard, they then provide excellent gripping and stabilization properties which help to keep the application firm to the surface its sitting on. We stock stick on feet in a huge variety of styles to ensure we have the ideal choice for you and your application, no matter what that may be. As well as styles, we offer a plethora of sizes for further choice.
School Chair & Furniture Feet
These replacement chair feet for schools come in a range of colours to suit, these colours include brown, yellow, red, black & green just to name a few. These Chair/Furniture inserts simply slot in to the chair leg, each foot has ribs on it which helps it sit perfectly inside of the chair leg and prevents it from easily falling or being pulled out. Each style has its own key features, with angled, standard round & square available we have the ideal choice of replacement chair insert for you. Please note that these School Chair Feet are recommended over Rubber Feet for school based chairs as the angular nature of the legs can work through the ferrule and potentially damage the flooring that it is placed upon. Inserts can be fitted onto almost any angled leg as long as it is hollow, otherwise another solution may be suggested. Rubber Chair Feet should be used solely for straight legs, as this puts the force to the ground evenly rather than at an awkward or inconvenient angle.
Threaded Feet
Threaded feet are a heavy duty option of replacement chair feet that are regularly used to raise or level off an application, whilst promoting grip and stability. These are available in a huge range of sizes and variants to suit your particular requirements, this includes many different base sizes, thread lengths and styles to suit your needs.
As a leading UK Manufacturer our huge selection of Replacement Chair Feet are commonly used to pro-long the life of chairs & furniture inside all kinds of establishments including households, schools and workplaces. This competitive range includes solutions chosen specifically to meet market requirements and expectations, coming in many standard sizes and styles. With each being manufactured from a number of high quality and anti-marking materials, our Chair & Furniture Feet are highly regarded within industry for the prevention of damaged floors and to protect the leg itself. Categorized as mainly 'Inserts' or 'Ferrules' there are many different types and material options available below depending on the use that you have, the most important consideration being the choice between Rubber Chair Feet or Plastic ones. Rubber type feet are recommended for their gripping properties on harder floors and surfaces where-as Plastic Feet are renowned for their hard wearing capabilities at a lower cost. As well as products used to increase grip, we also stock a large selection of glide / slider feet which help to move heavy furniture, equipment or appliances across a surface, of which are available inside the 'Chair Glides' category below.

These Replacement Feet are compatible with almost all types of Furniture, Chairs & Appliances being produced in universal styles and sizes to ensure a quick and easy fitting to your application. Suited towards relieving damaged floors and to prevent marking, our feet mean that grip is exponentially improved no matter your choice of Plastic or Rubber variants.

As a general rule Plastic is often used for soft flooring where-as Rubber is ideal for harder floors, read our guide for more info.

Benefits Of Replacing Your Chair & Furniture Feet
  • Protects and prolongs the legs of your furniture, appliance or chair
  • Prevents your flooring from becoming scratched, damaged or worn
  • Helps to keep in line with health and safety requirements inside workplaces/schools
  • Can work to reduce the noise experienced when being dragged across a surface
Please note our inserts are suggested for use with hollow legs or ferrules for solid ones.

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