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Masking Discs & Die Cuts

Our High Temperature Self-adhesive Discs or simply Masking Tape Dots, are useful for a number of different applications and are commonly used for masking purposes during the Powder Coating process. Used to cover and protect an application during coating, spraying or finishing, these have the ability to be used up to extremely high temperatures, hence their popularity. As an easy to apply and remove product, these are perfect for quickly covering exposed holes ot cracks to prevent un-even or unnecessary coverage.

We stock a large range of High Temperature Self-adhesive Discs for all types of applications, ranging from high temperature to ultra high temperature for every masking project that you may ever have. See our product listings below to view all the sizes and options that we have available. 

Benefits of using our Masking Tape dots:
  • Quick and easy covering/masking solution
  • High temperature resistant 
  • Cost effective product
  • Available in a range of sizes and widths
Some of the different High Temperature Discs we offer:
  • Green Polyester Discs - Excellent for a range of high temp applications
  • Polyimide Discs - Ultra high temperature resistant for extreme applications & 3D Printing
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Variations Of Masking Discs & Die Cuts

High Temp Polyester Discs
Our high temperature discs or self adhesive discs as they are also known are a widely used solution for simple covering and masking, working with high temperatures of up to 300+c these masking dots are a truly specialist masking solution. These polyester masking tape dots can be re-used and are regularly placed over small holes or threads where people don't want to be covered, coated or baked, this prevents the need for a more advanced masking solution such as a silicone plug or cap which can be a lot more expensive in some circumstances. High temperature discs in a green polyester style are excellent for a variety of applications and shall work perfectly with the majority of uses, however a polyimide set of self adhesive discs may be required for higher temperature applications
High Temp Polyimide Discs
Self adhesive discs made from polyimide are made to work with ultra high temperatures and are regularly used with 3d printing applications to cover heating elements to prevent them from causing damage or breaking a component. High temperature discs are often used to cover and protect and application whilst it is being coated or covered, regularly known as masking tape dots these are a regularly used, cost effective solution that have their place in many different uses and industries. High temperature discs of this kind can go all the way up and above 300c, enabling their use for essentially every possible masking use.

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