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Plastic & Nylon Fasteners

We stock a vast range of Plastic & Nylon Fasteners, Fixings & Clips manufactured from high strength, resistant Nylon 6/6 & HDPE Plastic. Produced in line with strict requirements our products excel at a vast number of common uses, such as to fix something in place, fasten for rigidity or clipping in place to prevent movement. Being made mainly from Nylon these Fixings & Fasteners offer similar properties to their Metal counterparts, despite being a fraction of the cost. As cost effective solutions these are widely employed by manufacturers and enthusiasts alike, for all kinds of fixing or fastening uses possible. 

We offer a variety of Plastic & Nylon Fasteners/Fixings suited towards uses with panels and threaded applications. Each of these products are widely used across a number of different industries for a huge range of uses, whether they are fixing or fastening something in place, you can rest assured that we have the ideal choice for you. 

Benefits Of Using Our Plastic & Nylon Fasteners
  • Manufactured from high quality materials including Nylon 6/6 & HDPE Plastic
  • Large selection of products suitable for fastening and fixing uses
  • Huge number of sizes available
  • Bulk discounts on large orders
Each Of These Fixings & Fasteners Has A Number Of Uses, Including: Can't find the type or style of Fixing or Fastener that you require? Give us a call on 01233 713581.

Variations Of Plastic & Nylon Fasteners

Fir Tree Plugs
These barbed plastic panel fixings or snap fasteners as they are also known, are a widely used type of plastic fastener and plastic fixings, regularly used across a number of different applications including as plastic panel fixings to attach an external component to an object, with the fins preventing the plug from falling out. Each of these barbed snap fasteners has a number of firs on each side of the plug which prevents it from being pulled out once it is in place, providing a strong and sturdy fixing. Made out of a strong nylon these fastening plugs are a truly resilient fastener that provides excellent value for money in comparison to other solutions that are available. Each of these plastic fasteners, plastic fixings or plastic panel fixings comes in black as standard to provide a clean yet functional finish no matter what the application may be.
Nylon P Clips
Nylon P Clips are a form of Nylon Fixing, aimed at organising and threading things such as cables. With the perfect balance of strength and flexibility these are a great multi purpose product, doubling up as a fastener to clip to objects together.
Nylon Wing Nuts
Nylon Wing Nuts are a Nylon Fixing/Fastener that are often used in conjunction with a matching washer, offering extra rigidity and integrity when used to hold something in place. As a threaded product these are stocked in sizes from M4 up to M6, coming in both Black & Natural finishes to meet your requirements. Sometimes regarded as a Plastic Fastener, these are in-fact made from Nylon, a stronger and much more durable material.
Nylon Thumbscrews
Nylon Thumbscrews are a form of fastener/fixing which are also useful when paired with washers, helping to add fastening properties to a thread. Useful for fixing panels and thin objects, these provide a strong and reliable connection, comparable to properties that metal counterparts often provide.

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