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Blanking Plugs

Variations Of Blanking Plugs

Flexible Blanking Plugs
These snap fit blanking plugs or simply snap fit plugs are a common solution for inserting into panel holes, these are flexible solutions that can be bent and morphed into the hole with ease. These flexible hole fixing plugs can fit a range of diameters due to the flexible pvc that is used to manufacture them. They are a cost effective product with a number of benefits especially the fitting multiple diameters trait.
Body Plugs
These body plugs are a widely used finishing plug alternative, being made from a resistant form of TPR rubber, these have some of the best resistance properties out of all the solutions that we offer here. These hole fixing plugs come with a slightly tapered insert at the base which allows them to squeeze into the hole without necessarily being the ideal size for it. These snap fit plugs are commonly used where the hole needs blanking off without much realization, however it is removable enabling the hole to be used for wires etc.
Plastic Blanking Plugs
Our domed blanking plugs are a popular choice of plastic panel fixings, excellent for use as plastic fixings or for blanking off a hole, they are widely used to thread cables through in a discrete manor whilst ensuring a tidy fitting. Each of these plugs come with fixing clips which further help to provide a tight fitting, keeping the thin head tight against the wall or whatever application you may choose to use it against. Our snap fitting blanking fasteners are made from a strong Nylon, this helps to provide long lasting durability in both the clips and the head of the insert cap. Being a popular choice for plastic fixings, these plugs for blanking are the ideal, cost effective panel fixings solution that is easily able to fill a number of excess panel holes with ease, clipping into place once inside the hole. Widely referred to as Plastic fasteners or fixings each of these plugs comes with strong clips to help them stay in place during their use. These are available in both white and black to suit your specific needs, with a variety of sizes to suit. ranging from 6.4mm head diameter, to 55m.
Vent Plugs
Our Snap fit blanking plugs, hole fixing plugs and finishing plugs are an excellent choice for a number of reasons. These Vent plugs come with air-flowing holes on its head, this helps to ventilate and cool down a specific room or enclosure. These Venting plugs are commonly used as hole fixing plugs to air out a hot room and can also be used with small appliances that use fans, such as computers, laptops etc. These are made from plastic and are a durable solution that can easily maintain the heat required.
Our Blanking Plugs are manufactured using a handful of resilient, premium quality materials including heat stabilised Nylon, TPR, PVC & LDPE. These high end materials help to provide a reliable product that fulfils its expectations every time, no matter what the application you have may be. Our selection of Snap Fit Plugs, or Hole Plugs for short, includes a number of solutions used mainly for blanking off holes in a wall or panel, each having unique properties and characteristics. Certain variations such as our Body Plugs have the ability to fit across a range of wall thicknesses thanks to their tapered base, however other solutions like our plastic versions are designed to clip or 'snap' into position, holding themselves tightly to the panel. 

These Blanking Plugs are an ideal solution for filling excess chassis holes, wiring outlets, production access holes and for simply blocking access. Due to their multiple uses and styles these Plugs are extremely popular in a number of different industries including manufacturing and electronics, see the listings below for all available styles.

Why Use Our Snap Fit Blanking Solutions?
  • Easily blank off and fill exposed panel holes
  • Perfect for finishing and blanking uses
  • Range of snap fitting styles
  • Resistant properties
Different Uses For Blanking Plugs
  • To help ventilate the area behind a panel or wall hole - Vent Plugs
  • To cap or blank off holes temporarily for easy removal - Flexible Plugs
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Can I get a Free Sample?
Free Samples can be requested through our product pages, displayed in the sizing table beside the product you require. Please note you can always give us a call on 01233 713 581 or contact us over Live Chat to discuss samples.

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Do you offer Returns on Products?
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Can you supply different colours of this product?
In most cases we have the facilities to offer you different colours of a product, specific to your requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on the manufacturing technique in question, but please get in touch with any queries you may have.

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