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Furniture Fixings

Our range of Furniture Fixings includes options suited towards both Flat Pack & Self Assembly Furniture, offering a selection of fixing solutions for all possible eventualities. Used mainly with wood or similar materials, our products are designed to fix, fasten and connect during the assembly of new furniture or throughout reparation of existing ones. Options such as our Cam Lock Nuts & Bolts are perfect for pairing together to help provide a connection between two pieces that require joining, along with a selection of Threaded Nuts designed to add a threaded hole to your application. Widely used by DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals, along with furniture manufacturers and suppliers, we try to accommodate for all with our variety of fixing options and available sizes. 

We stock these fixings for flat pack and self assembly furniture in a number of different options as displayed below, this helps to meet all requirements for varied jobs such as connecting, repairing and extending. Please note that we are always able to offer bulk pricing and free sampling for manufacturers and suppliers, to help find the best solution.

Benefits Of Using Our Furniture Fixings
  • Manufactured from a selection of high quality, yet cost effective materials
  • Suitable fixing options for flat pack furniture
  • Variety of fixing solutions for most jobs
  • Free samples available
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See our selection of Furniture Fixings & Flat Pack Fixings below.

Variations Of Furniture Fixings

Furniture Connector Nuts
These Connector Nuts are another form of Furniture Fixing that are made specifically for joining and securing furniture. Regularly employed for flat pack furniture, these Threaded Nuts work by screwing onto the end of a bolt which is holding two pieces together. Being produced in a high end, premium metal these are extremely resistant to high temperatures and bending, increasing their reliability for heavier uses.
Furniture Connector Bolts
These Connector Bolts are made specifically for use as Furniture Fixings, working as a connector type product to fix two objects together. For the most part, these are used in conjunction with threaded nuts which simply screw onto the end of the bolt, preventing the need for fasteners or adhesives like other options. Manufactured from a strong Steel alloy, these are extremely reliable and have a high load rating which means they can be used with heavier furniture such as desks and tables.
Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts
Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts are a popular form of Furniture Fixing, useful for providing strength between two wooden panels. Featured within many flat pack and self assembly kits, these allow for adjustment from above, whilst holding a thread in position from the side. Available in a few threaded options, we recommend checking your measurements beforehand to ensure a good fit to your furniture or object.
Cam Bolt Fixings
Cam Bolt Fixings are extremely common with self assembly and flat pack furniture kits, combining with lock nuts to hold two connecting pieces of wood together. As replacement furniture fixings these are useful for DIY enthusiasts and furniture manufacturers alike, as we hold a massive stock of all common sizes.
Cam Lock Nuts
Perfect pairing with Cam Bolt Fixings these are a form of flat pack fixing, commonplace with drawers, shelving units, wardrobes and cabinets. Locking into place once screwed into, these hold furniture tight over a long period, preventing the need for advanced drilling or connection methods.
Threaded Fixings & Nuts
When used as fixings for feet these can easily be installed through the use of a hammer, hitting into position with ease. Used mainly with wooden furniture, threaded nuts such as these are the perfect match thanks to their cost effective nature and ease of fitting. Installing such threaded fittings allows the extension of a chair or piece of furniture through the attachment of adjustable feet. These allow for easy screwing into place, before providing a strong fixing point for feet related uses.

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