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Pipe & Flange Protection

Our Selection of Pipe & Flange Protection

Stick On Flange Discs
Stick On Flange Discs are perfect for providing full flange face protection. They are made with a specially formulated low tack adhesive to make sure no residue is left on the flange face and a durable, neoprene rubber which has a number of great qualities for this use including, being able to withstand 100C, resistant to petrol, oil, non oxidation acids and alkalis and also resistant to weather conditions. These discs are widely used with shot blasting protection for the covering of an application whilst being blasted or covered, this is due to their excellent resistance properties as well as a great, strong adhesive backing. These flange protection discs are an excellent product for both pipe & flange covering, simply sticking in place once the adhesive backing has been removed. We are also able to customize these for different uses such as half face coverage, internal sand blasting and unique one-off size so please get in contact if you would like any help or something different to what is available on the website.
Full Face Flange Protectors
Full-Face Flange Protectors are made from a durable LDPE and with use of flexible ribs are inserted into the bore of the flange with the large diameter head covering the Full Face and are an excellent solution for flange protection. Full-Face Flange Protectors are great for preventing damage to the face and against moisture, shot blasting, dirt and paint. They are great for pipe protection although are also used with shot blasting protection regularly as it provides a full face coverage including the bore hole insert, which is something the majority of our other solutions cannot offer. If you would like advice with Full-Face Flange Protection or anything else please contact us on 01233 713581
Flange Stud Covers
Flange Cover (Stud hole Insert) are made from a strong LDPE to protect the Flange Bore. The Flange Cover is inserted into the 4 stud holes creating a protective face over the bore to prevent moisture, dirt, and damage to the bore. If you would like advice with Flange Cover (Stud hole Insert) or anything else please contact us on 01233 713581. This is an excellent flange protection solution for the protection of a pipe or even flange, this is due to the type of protection it provides which is a stud hole insert. These hole inserts allow you to cover the inside of the flange as well as cover the outside, something which is excellent for shot blasting protection to prevent the ingress or damage to an area.
Corrugated Flange Protectors
Our corrugated flange protector is an excellent pipe and flange covering solution, this allows for excellent shot blasting protection due to the great properties of the material used, providing great resistance from things such as acids & alkali's as well as having optimal heat resistance. This is one of the most cost effective pipe & flange covering products that we offer inside this category, they are a tie down solution that require fastening onto an application but provide an excellent level of coverage and protection. Less commonly used for Pipe protection, these protectors cover the face of the flange and must be fastened or fixed to it by use of Cable ties.
Flange Cover Caps
Our flange cover caps are an excellent flange & pipe protection solution, this is due to the durable yet flexible nature of these caps which allows them to fit around the face of a flange, providing an optimal level of protection. These are widely used when transporting an application to prevent both minor and major damage to the flange or pipe, they are also regularly used as shot blasting protection whilst blasting, this is due to the excellent properties that these cover caps provide. These are an ideal flange protection solution, providing a full pipe coverage or flange coverage depending on the application that you have.
Pipe Caps
We provide a huge range of Pipe Caps in standard sizes to fit a range from 37mm to over 1.5m. These come in a flexible PE in yellow as standard. The plastic cap itself features a rib on the inside to help hold itself on firmly and are an extremely cost effective and durable solution for transporting or storing. These are an excellent pipe protection solution that simply slot over the flange or pipe to provide instant pipe & flange covering benefits such as shock absorption and vibration dampening. Pipe protection is an essential process as it pro-longs the life of the Pipe or Flange as well as provides it with excellent protection, preventing it from being unnecessarily damaged. Aswell as their use with flanges, these can be used as tube end caps by covering the end of the tube, preventing it from becoming damaged. As one of the most flexible plastic end caps that we offer, these are produced for use with pipes and their flanges, fitting around it to protect and conceal.
Pipe End Plugs
Pipe End Plugs are popular forms of plastic plugs, available in a huge range of sizes to fit a massive array of different pipe sizes. As a ribbed application these are able to provide just as much grip as some of our rubber plugs and rubber stoppers, holding itself tightly onto the inside of the pipe/hole. Being made from plastic these can frequently be regarded as cost effective solutions, preventing unnecessary damage or wear to your pipe/tube. Rubber stoppers are frequently used along-side these pipe end plugs to ensure that there is no ingress into the tube which can cause damage over time, the rubber providing the definite sealing that our Plastic Plugs cannot.
Our Flange & Pipe Protection range includes a massive variety of premium quality products which have been hand picked to provide best in class protective properties. Manufactured from a varied selection of materials these Flange Protection Products are widely used across a number of industries such as Oil & Gas to protect exposed Pipe Flanges, something which is often a requirement during the transportation or storage of such a costly piece of equipment. We offer a variety of Pipe & Flange Covering solutions to give you the best choice possible, whether you want to cover the full face of the flange or just the bolt holes, you can rest assured that we have the product for you, at a great price. We aim to provide both DIN & ANSI types where-possible, along with many different pressure ratings which may differ depending on the usage and industry which it is being used inside. 

Every one of our Pipe & Flange Covering Products has been tried and tested to high standards which ensures that they can live up to their expectations and specifications, this includes any pressure ratings that the product may have. We are able to offer both DIN & ANSI variants to meet requirements and can offer custom sizing where-required for larger or more obscure projects, simply get in touch using the contact number below or via our contact us page. 

The Different Flange, Hydraulic & Pipe Protection Products We Offer Are:
  • Low Tack Self Adhesive Flange Discs - DIN & ANSI
  • Full Face Flange Protectors
  • Stud Hole Insert (Flange Stud Covers)
  • Flange Cover Caps - DIN & ANSI
  • Corrugated Flange Protectors - DIN & ANSI (Up to 900lbs/PN40)
  • Pipe Protection Caps (Pipe Covers) - Up to 1642mm ID
Each Flange Protection Product Has A Range Of Common Uses, Including: Need a custom Flange or Pipe protection solution? We're always here to help, give us a call on 01233 713581.

What Delivery Services are available?
We offer free 3-5 Day Delivery for orders over £15, £4.85 2nd Class Services for orders below £10 and £2.85 for orders £10-15. We also offer Next Day Delivery for £12.50 along with Guaranteed AM Delivery if required, collection can be arranged free of charge from our warehouse. For international shipping prices please use the shipping calculator on the cart page, once a product is inside your cart.

Can I get a Free Sample?
Free Samples can be requested through our product pages, displayed in the sizing table beside the product you require. Please note you can always give us a call on 01233 713 581 or contact us over Live Chat to discuss samples.

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You do not need to sign up to place an order, but it is recommended if you'd like to gain loyalty points, giving discount off future orders. To learn more about loyalty points, please see our Rewards Scheme page.

I am not sure what parts I need?
If you're unsure of what part you need then please do not hesitate to give one of our friendly Sales Team a call on 01233 713 581 and they can assist you. Alternatively, we're regularly active on the Live Chat and are always open for questions. 

Do you offer Returns on Products?
We offer a return period on all of our products to give you peace of mind, to view our policies and learn more about this process should it be required, please see our Returns Policy page.

Can you supply different colours of this product?
In most cases we have the facilities to offer you different colours of a product, specific to your requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on the manufacturing technique in question, but please get in touch with any queries you may have.

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