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Bridge Handles

Our selection of Bridge Handles includes a number of options suited for both Industrial & Household uses, manufactured from high quality materials such as Nylon, Plastic and Metal. Most commonly used to operate a basic function, these products often feature on appliances and objects that require a handle for use, or for simple opening and closing implementations (such as a door). Thanks to the varied number of materials and styles found within our range, we have Bridge Handles suitable for almost every use and installation, offered in selected finishes and resistances to suit the majority of possible uses that you may have. Each option comes with different fixing options including from below, or via threaded screws, so please be sure to check compatibility before you order.

We stock these Plastic Handles, Metal Handles & Nylon Bridge Handles in many options as displayed below, suited for both consumer and professional uses. To view specific sizing or product information such as detailed line drawings please click through to your preferred variation, before viewing all currently available sizes for each. 

Most Bridge Handles come with fixing options from standard, but please check beforehand.

Why Use Our Bridge Handles?
  • Manufactured to strict industry standards from high grade materials
  • Range of fixing options from threaded to plain bores
  • Ready for installation to your application
  • Selection of variations available
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Variations Of Bridge Handles

Aluminium Bridge Handles
As one of our cheapest Metal Bridge Handles, these Aluminium versions come with a Powder Coated Matte Black finish which provides excellent aesthetics when installed onto a Black application. Being a bridge handle, these tend to operate basic functions such as the opening or closing of a door, such as a fridge of similar appliance. We recommend these for use during either the manufacturing or production of a generic or high end object, or as an upgrade to an existing old or worn handle.
Chrome Steel Bridge Handles
Another form of Metal Bridge Handle that we stock are these Chrome Steel versions, offering a glistening chrome finish which works well with many household appliances and white goods. Sometimes featured on fridges and small kitchen ware, this form of handle is an easy to install product thanks to the thread and matching washers which are all supplied with the purchase. Sometimes used over their Plastic counterparts due to the resistance that metal provides, these are a wise choice for anyone who is interested in maintaining a level of aesthetic with an object.
Duroplast Bridge Handles
Duroplast Handles are yet another form of handle, regarding somewhere in between Nylon & Plastic Bridge Handles for the strength properties that they provide. Cheaper than metal, these are often a preference due to the cost effectiveness that they provide. Complete with female threaded inserts/nuts these are simple to install onto almost any application, requiring a threaded rod or bolt, before screwing straight into position.
Nylon Bridge Handles
As one of our most cost effective options, these Nylon Bridge Handles feature a reinforced design and are fortified with glass fibres to increase strength. Such reinforcement gives similar strength to metal, aside from its rigidity which can cause shattering if hit hard enough. When compared to Plastic Bridge Handles, these Nylon versions provide a much higher level of strength and resistance, although there is less room for manoeuvrability in terms of designs, with mainly simple styles available.
Stainless Bridge Handles
Stainless Bridge Handles are one of the most expensive forms of handle that we have on offer, this is due to the extremely high standard of the material itself. Being hygienic and completely rust resistant, these are recommended for specific industry requirements, to meet health and safety and contamination standards. These are often used during the manufacturing of food grade equipment, preferred over Plastic Bridge Handles due to the level of resistance that they provide over a long period of time.

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