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Edging Strips

We produce a huge quantity of Rubber Edging Strips & Grommet Strips for a range of different applications, as an extremely popular product inside industry to prevent the exposure of sharp edges and to give a clean and even finish. Used mainly inside Automotive & Aviation industries to seal off and protect, our Rubber Edging comes in a range of widths and channel types providing the versatility required for a vast number of uses. Manufactured from high quality, resistant rubbers such as PVC, EPDM, TPR & Silicone you can rest assured that we have the perfect choice for your particular use, with the ability to produce edging to your specific needs and requirements.

Also regularly referred to as 'Grommet Strip' or 'Protective Edging' because of their sealing and protection properties, our selection of Rubber Edging Strips can be used to seal off area's such as doors and panels. For our full selection of Protective Edging products please see the categories listed below, before clicking through to your required product variation. 

Please note that we are able to produce custom lengths of all standard / adhesive edging in U Channels & Square Channels. 

Why Use Our Protective Edging?
  • Manufactured from a selection of high quality resistant rubbers
  • Coming in a number of different channels and widths
  • Excellent resistance and shock absorbing properties
  • Free sampling available on all product variants
Each of these Rubber Edging Strips have a number of uses, some of the most common include: Have a question or enquiry about our Edging Strips? Call us today on 01233 713 581

See our full range of Rubber Edging Strips, Protective Edging & Grommet Strips below.

Our Selection of Edging Strips

U Channel Edging
Protective Edging as a whole is often thought of as U Channels due to the versatility that they provide, fitting across a number of panel widths per unit. Available in PVC / EPDM Rubber these come with excellent resistance properties against acids, alkali's, high temperatures and more.
Square Channel Edging
Square Edging, or Grommet Strips as they are known inside industry are perfect for sealing off and protecting the straight edge of a panel or object, providing a good level of protection against general damage and exposure to harmful substance. Coming in a large number of panel widths, roll lengths and depths these channels are fairly versatile, often fitting across a few panel widths rather than just a single one. As Rubber Edging Strips, these require a push for a proper fitting, requiring a slight bit of adhesive if you want to promote a more permanent finish to your application.
Door Trim
Door Trims are often referred to as Grommet Strips due to their sealing uses inside industry to seal off doors and prevent leakage or seepage of substance. Being expensive forms of Rubber Edging Strips these come in large rolls mainly for commercial uses, however they can also be used by consumers to seal off doors inside a household or car, making these an ideal DIY product.
Reinforced Edge Trim
Used as a Self Gripping form of Protective Edging, this Reinforced Edge Trim type is a very popular option within the automotive and aviation industries, mainly for the protection that it provides against sharp / irregular edges. Coming in a large selection of panel widths and depths we can almost guarantee that we have the best possible choice for your usage. Fortified with metal ribs, this is a more advanced option when compared to our standard Rubber Edging Strips, therefore are slightly more expensive (however, provide much more protection benefits) than their counterparts. Removing the need for adhesives or fixings luckily the metal ribs inside the edging help to keep it in position, preventing it from moving or falling off the application which you install it onto. Also known as Grommet Strip due to its sealing properties this edging is extremely versatile and has many uses inside industry (for automotive and furniture based uses) as well as consumer based installation. Thanks to the metal staples embedded within the PVC, this type of edging is able to provide a firmer grip and able to take more wear & tear than standard rubber versions. This also enables it to fit across a range of diameters and edge sizes as the staples allow it to be adjusted to fit a particular application, this is something that standard U profile edging isn't able to offer.
Self Adhesive Edging
Our Self Adhesive form of Grommet Strip is one of the most popular protective edging strip products that we offer here inside of our range. From standard it comes with an adhesive backing that allows it to be pushed on to almost anything before the pressure adhesive grips, preventing it from falling off or becoming loose over a long period of time. This type of Grommet strip is most popular for use with awkward applications due to the ease of using adhesives, example of common uses include adding the protective strip along a ceiling or elevated position, preventing easy access and meaning the adhesive must be applied for a proper, solid attachment.

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