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PVC Caps

Our Selection of PVC Caps

Round PVC Caps
Our Round Vinyl End Caps are excellent choices for the easy covering of an application and are often chosen due to their ability to fit around a number of diameters. They can act as PVC Pipe caps as they go up to large diameters, unlike other styles which aren't able to go up to the same sort of sizes. These vinyl end caps come as standard in a glossy black finish, however can be made up or suited to a specific application so can be made to suit your specific requirements. These Round PVC Pipe Caps are a dip moulded part, this ensures that they have some tenacity in use and are able fit a range of sizes, making them especially useful for protecting and covering threads.
Square PVC Caps
Our Square PVC Caps work excellently as protectors to prevent the ingress of dirt or moisture from the inside of fence posts, preventing them from being worn or damaged from the inside-out. These Square type caps simply slide on, being able to fit a range of diameters, preventing the need for adhesive or fastening to it. Also known as Vinyl end caps these are regularly used to protect, mask and prevent the ingress, coming in a glossy black they are also excellent for aesthetic purposes, allowing you to provide a clean, sleek finish. As a great value for money option and a perfect solution for many different applications that you may have. These PVC covering end caps are a strong, durable part that come with a high quality gloss finish as standard, enabling their use as a finishing component. Square Vinyl Caps are an ideal choice for protection during transportation due to their shock absorption properties, however they are also widely used for masking and finishing, making them an ideal multi-purpose part. We keep a variety of Square Vinyl Caps in stock at all times to ensure we have the best possible choice for you as well as your applications, with sizes ranging from 10mm all the way up to 100mm. 
Rectangular PVC Caps
Rectangular PVC Caps or also known as rectangular sleeves as they are very often used as grips for handles, are a great value for money option and a perfect solution for many products. PVC End Caps are a strong, durable part with a high quality gloss finish. Rectangular Vinyl Caps are ideal for protection and in either transporting, masking or finishing and the soft feel PVC gives a high end finish. Some of the most common uses for these grips are for container handles and valve handles on pressure valves. We are able to manufacture Rectangular PVC Vinyl End Caps in a range of different Shore Hardness, Colour and Length depending on the custom size required so contact us now with your needs and we will be happy to assist. Also known Rectangular sleeves, these are often used as grips for handles and are a great value for money option. Rectangular Vinyl Sleeves are ideal for protection and grip purposes, whether as a hand grip or simply as a slip on protection solution whilst being transported. We are able to offer a huge variety of sizes and lengths of these Rectangular sleeves ranging from 6-100mm in length. This helps to ensure that we have the best possible choice for your application, no matter what it may be. 
Stud Caps
Vinyl End Caps, or Stud Caps as they are also known, are made from a strong Durable PVC in standard convenient sizes to match metric/imperial stud sizes and are a great product finished in a high quality gloss finish that looks great in any environment. PVC Stud Caps are ideal for the protection in either transporting, masking or finishing. Along with their common uses, they are often used for protecting exposed and vulnerable threads, preventing them from being frayed or damaged over time.
Post Caps
Post Caps are made from a strong yet durable PVC and made to match Industry Standard Post sizes. Post caps, Pole Covers or PVC Pipe Ends are ideal for finishing and preventing water entering posts and rusting, or simply to provide a nice finish. As popular forms of Plastic Covers these have the ability to flex or bend slightly to your application, preventing the need for made to measure/particular sizing. PVC is suitable to withstand a range of temperatures and is UV Stable. We are able to manufacture Post Caps or Vinyl pole ends in a range of different Shore Hardness, Colour and Length depending on the custom size required so contact us now with your needs and we will be happy to assist. Also ideal for use use with posts/poles, these are an ideal solution that simply slot over the top of the pole to provide a clean look, feel and finish. Plastic End Caps in this form are known for their ability to blank off, leaving a premium finish along-side a matching colour pole. These are made with a harder version of PVC which provides a longer lasting product that is designed specifically for outside uses, hence their properties against factors such as Acids/Alkali's.
Pull Tab Caps
Pull Tab Rubber End Caps are made from a flexible PVC and are an ideal protection solution due to their 'Pull' tab which allows for quick, efficient removal. We stock these Rubber Caps in both Black and Red, so suit a variety of different thread sizes. PVC is a durable material that has an excellent overall resistance profile, that includes some heat resistance, acid resistance and even more, hence its wide usage across a number of products and industries. We keep stock of these in a number of styles and colours, include black and dark red which allows you a good level of differentiation, especially when used for masking or covering purposes (ie thread protection). Often used alongside pole or tube end caps, these are ideal for covering during transportation to act as a buffer to prevent general damage and to reduce shock. PVC is a popular choice over Plastic End Caps due to its flexibility, working to cover a few diameters rather than a single one which Plastic usually works for. With links to their standard PVC versions, these Pull Tab variants are perfect for temporary replacement Plastic Caps, working to cover and protect the application that you use them with. Due to the high friction properties that PVC can provide, no adhesives, fixings or fasteners are required for their installation.
High Temp PVC Caps
High temperature PVC Caps or high temperature Vinyl Caps as they are also known are a specialist form of product that can be used as a masking tool thanks to its heat resistance up to 200c. As standard we offer these in a Yellow finish, however they are truly available in a huge variety of sizes and variants to meet your requirements. These work excellently for covering and protection purposes during coating or baking and can be used for multiple runs depending on the temperature you use them up to. These kinds of PVC Caps are manufactured using a high temperature form of PVC, this provides an excellent level of durability and strength whilst maintaining an excellent temperature range of up to 210c. This temperature resistance allows their use for a range of masking projects and other similar uses, they are a cost effective alternative to other more common high temperature materials such as EPDM & Silicone. These High Temperature Vinyl Caps come as standard in a bright Yellow, this provides a clean finish that enables its further use for finishing. Benefits of using these includes Cost effective EPDM & Silicone alternative Good temperature resistance all the way up to 210c Strong and resilient PVC allows for multiple uses Clean bright Yellow finish
Our PVC Caps or 'Vinyl End Caps' as they are also known, are each made from a high quality form of PVC and come in a range of useful styles as listed below. Widely used by consumers and professionals alike, these caps have a truly unlimited amount of potential uses as a cost effective option for covering, protecting, finishing, masking and even sealing off things like metal posts and poles. Coming with slight flexibility in their standard glossy black option (Round, Square & Rectangular), these have the ability to fit across a few diameters thanks to the shore hardness of material used, which prevents the need for definitive accuracy when measuring your application. Being a UK supplier of these PVC Caps allows us to stock a huge variety of options, ready for free sampling where-required for prior testing. 

Each Vinyl/PVC End Cap that we have inside our range is available in a number of styles and variants to suit every industrial, professional or household use that you may have. The different styles that we have on offer include Round, Square & Rectangular standard options, with a few other specialist solutions such as Post Caps & Pull Tab Caps, 

Benefits Of Using Our PVC Caps / Vinyl End Caps
  • Manufactured from a high quality form of PVC
  • Durable and long lasting material
  • Range of functional styles
  • Free samples available
Each PVC End Cap that we offer has a wide range of uses, the most common being:
  • For masking off or protecting an application exposed to high temperatures - Hi-Temp Caps
  • For finishing and preventing ingress of a Pole or Fence Post - PVC Post Caps
  • Ideal for protecting or covering male threads - PVC Stud Caps
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Free Samples can be requested through our product pages, displayed in the sizing table beside the product you require. Please note you can always give us a call on 01233 713 581 or contact us over Live Chat to discuss samples.

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In most cases we have the facilities to offer you different colours of a product, specific to your requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on the manufacturing technique in question, but please get in touch with any queries you may have.

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