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Stick On Feet & Pads

Our Stick On Rubber Feet are manufactured from a high quality Polyurethane paired with a Self Adhesive backing, offering a number of ideal properties for both commercial and consumer related uses. Often used to add grip to a piece of furniture or appliance, these pads can be installed onto the bottom of almost anything to prevent it from falling over, or even from marking the surface its placed upon. As a secondary use, these can be affixed to the bottom of small appliances (such as a computer, keyboard or laptop) to reduce the slip seen when it is pushed, using the properties of the rubber to ensure a consistent level of security on a hard surface. Also referred to as adhesive pads for furniture, this kind of product can also be used to 'glide' an object across either a hard or soft surface, offering a reliable option for both grip and sliding installations. 

We supply Stick On Rubber Feet & Pads in many different styles, shapes and sizes depending on your particular needs and requirements, each solution being tried and tested with all kinds of furniture and common household equipment. To view all available options please click through to the relevant product listing below, where you can view pricing and request a free sample.

Why Use Our Stick On Rubber Feet & Adhesive Pads?
  • Manufactured from a reliable Polyurethane Rubber & Adhesive backing
  • Available to add grip as well as to glide an object
  • Versatile range of styles
  • Self adhesive backing
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Variations Of Stick On Feet & Pads

Stick On Rubber Feet
These Stick on rubber feet or Stick on bumpers as they are also known are an excellent choice for adding grip or stability to a small appliance, piece of furniture or any application that you may have. These self adhesive feet simply stick onto the bottom of the appliance to provide instant benefits in terms of grip, preventing it from skidding or slipping. Also regularly used as stick on rubber ferrules these feet have a number of main uses but can truly be used for anything you see fit. Stick on bumpers are a widely used rubber self adhesive feet solution because they can easily be applied anywhere to prevent and stop damage from being caused, they can also quickly and easily be replaced at little extra cost, further increasing the benefits of using these feet as stick on bumpers. Each of these products has been manufactured using a premium self adhesive backing, this promotes a long lasting and quality product that doesn't fall off when pressure if put on it, each design also has unbeatable grip and stability properties, ensuring a proper and strong use. These Self adhesive feet are a widely used cost effective solution for use with a range of medium to small appliances. As stick on options, these obviously aren't as strong as our standard rubber ferrules, however they still work excellently as rubber chair feet, offering excellent grip and stability for the attachment to appliances and small objects.

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