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Threaded Tube Inserts

Variations Of Threaded Tube Inserts

Round Threaded Inserts
Round Plastic Threaded Inserts, or threaded tube fittings as they can be known are a widely used part that work well with round tubes / holes due to their ribs which allow them to be slotted in and fixed with ease, whilst maintaining a tight fitting at all times. These are a plastic threaded tube insert solution that are extremely hard and durable therefore will work with a massive array of applications, each product has a number of thread options and sizes available with these standard plastic options with anything between M6-12 providing you with some of the strongest possible metal threads for your external attachment of threaded goods or products to fit inside your threaded tube insert. Threaded inserts or threaded tube ends as they are also called are good for use with a huge array of different tube sizes, lengths and shapes. Known as Tube Fixings for feet these work by insertion into a round tubular frame or section, with ribs to keep them tight in their position once fitted.
Rectangular Threaded Inserts
Rectangular threaded tube ends or threaded tube fittings, are some of our lesser known inserts due to their rectangular shape which is less common throughout a range of industries including furniture and automotive. They are regularly used with rectangular frames and tubes to provide a strong threaded area which allows for the attachment of external components such as adjustable feet, machine feet & screw in products. Each Rectangular type plastic threaded tube insert that we offer has ribs on its exterior to provide a tight fitting at all times, no matter what attachment. These slot in perfectly to provide additional thread attachment where-ever required, these could be adjustable feet or other attachments which hold in excellently at all times. These rectangular threaded tube ends are easily slotted into a tube to provide easy addition for external components, hence their nickname of fixings for feet (or threaded components).
Square Threaded Inserts
Square Threaded Tube Fittings (Or plastic threaded tube inserts) are another widely used part that we keep in stock. They are often used with square tubes to provide a thread for external attachment, they fit perfectly into a square tube due to their ribs which allow them to sit firmly inside at all times, even with heavy usage. They work best when used with external attachment, however they can also be used to sit inside the tube to prevent ingress if necessary. Each insert has a number of variants and thread styles which ensures their effectiveness across a number of industries rather than just one or two, making these square threaded fittings an excellent all round choice. Square threaded tube ends are one of the most commonly used threaded inserts, commonly used with square box sections these inserts are easily placed inside of a tube before allowing an external component to be added. Fixings for feet come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, suited for all kinds of different fixing and product options, whether you have a tube, pole or wall area.
Heavy Duty Threaded Inserts
Heavy duty type threaded tube inserts are widely used product for all kinds of extremely heavy duty applications such as throughout the manufacturing industry where these inserts are used to thread conveyorbelt feet and other externally threaded products. Regularly used over plastic threaded inserts for their stronger properties and stability, each insert comes with specially formed ribs to provide a neat, clean fitting to your tube, frame or box section. These strong inserts are widely used throughout a number of industries due the common shaping which is regularly used for pipe, tube and other similar fittings. Also known as threaded tube ends, these products can come with either a brass or stainless steel thread where required, this provides a number of hygienic properties that can't be offered by some of our more standard variants (such as LDPE Plastic Threaded Inserts). Available in thread sizes up and over M24 these are a truly industrial and mechanical product, featuring in many common appliances and equipment.
Round Metal Inserts
Round Metal Threaded tube inserts are used across a number of different industries due to their strong properties and resistance. Round Metal inserts are commonly used in conjunction with metal tubes, this can help to add structural integrity whilst providing a thread which can allow for the external fitting of heavy duty parts such as machine feet and conveyorbelt feet which can be demanding for most standard threaded metal inserts. Threaded round metal inserts are available with a range of thread sizes to suit your specific uses, whether it is a heavy duty use or not, these metal inserts have been designed to work perfectly.
Square Metal Inserts
Square metal tube inserts are a widely used insert solution for a number of different applications. One of the most common is for use with metal tubes where they can be tapped into to provide structural integrity and a threaded solution for the external fitting of parts such as machine feet which require a strong thread to work under heavy weight consistently. Metal inserts are made from steel as standard, this provides a high quality and strong insert that is easily able to absorb shock and withstand the pressure from heavy loads.
Round Spring Inserts
Our round spring steel threaded tubes inserts are a widely used part that slots up inside of a tube or box section. These inserts are manufactured from a spring steel which releases on itself once pushed up inside of the tube, holding it firmly in place and preventing any form of movement. These threaded spring inserts also allow for the external addition of threaded components due to them coming with an in-built sturdy thread which comes in sizes m6-12.
Square Spring Inserts
Our spring steel threaded inserts are manufactured from a specialist spring steel, this is what gives these spring inserts their 'spring back' properties which is what holds them in place inside of the tube or box section. As well as providing structural integrity, these inserts are able to provide a thread for the external attachment of components such as our leveling feet which could simply be screwed into place.
Threaded Tube Connectors
Our threaded tube connectors or spring steel threaded tube connectors are a popular part inside a number of industries as they allow for an easy solution to attach two tubes. These connectors have been specifically designed to hold themselves in place with a springing steel exterior whilst their thread allows for the attachment of other tubes or threaded components.
Threaded Feet For Inserts
Compatible with our huge selection of threaded feet, these threaded tube ends / threaded tube fittings are a cost effective yet useful piece of hardware that is employed vastly across a number of different industry areas. Popular inside furniture, these work as a useful component which can add an external thread to any object.
Rect. Metal Inserts
Rectangular metal tube inserts are a commonly used insert that is commonly used to add a heavy duty thread to a metal rectangular tube or box section as well as structural integrity. Each insert comes with a selection of thread types to ensure we have the desired product for you no matter what industry you may be using it for. Steel threaded inserts are available in a range of shapes and sizes as we stock a variety of metal threaded solutions for use with a range of tube styles and designs.

Our selection of Threaded Tube Inserts includes a number of styles suited to a variety of applications. Our Plastic range continues to be our most popular versions, thanks to their reliability and cost effectiveness. Functional across a number of tube options, these are perfect for the attachment of externally threaded products. This includes Adjustable Feet / Castor Wheels, which can be simply screwed into place once these inserts are installed.

Along with our standard type fittings, we have a number of high performance variations available. This includes our Heavy Duty Threaded Inserts, which are suited for heavier uses. They provide excellent load resistance and weight capabilities.

Each Threaded Tube Ends and Fitting that we offer has been tried and tested to rigorous shock and weight standards to affirm their place for use within a range of heavy furniture and industrial machinery. See the listings above for our full selection of threaded products, along with sizing and pricing information for each.

Benefits Of Using Our Threaded Tube Inserts?

  • Made from high quality and durable materials including LDPE, HDPE, Steel, and Nylon
  • Easy to install solution for adding threads to a tube, frame, or box section 
  • Ribbed exterior for a tight internal fitting to a tube or pipe
  • Range of standard and heavy duty options available
Variations Offered For Threaded Tube Fittings & Inserts:
  • Standard Plastic Threaded Tube Inserts: M6-12
  • Metal Threaded Tube Inserts: M6-12
  • Spring Threaded Inserts: M6-12
  • Heavy Duty Threaded: M10-20+
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