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Masking Plugs

Our range of High Temperature Masking Plugs & Stoppers has been put together with the help of industry leaders, to provide you with some of the best and most effective products designed to excel in even the toughest of applications. Manufactured from materials including Silicone & EPDM these offer temperature resistance of up to 315C° which is suitable for most Powder Coating, curing or baking processes. Masking Plugs & Stoppers are most commonly used to fill in excess holes that do not require coverage, especially threaded holes which can be prone to issues if not properly protected. 

As a UK Masking supplier we keep a vast stock of High Temperature Plugs & Stoppers at all times, with one of the largest Silicone Plugs selection available online. We aim to provide the best value for money service where-ever possible, with competitive pricing used across our full selection of solutions. 

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Benefits Of Using Our Masking Plugs & Stoppers:
  • Manufactured from a selection of premium High Temperature Materials
  • Excellent for use during coating, baking, anodizing processes
  • Products tried and tested to high standards
  • Free samples available
Common Uses For Our Plugs & Stoppers Include: Need help choosing a solution that meets requirements? Speak to our masking specialists on 01233 713 581

Variations Of Masking Plugs

Silicone Washer Plugs
As a popular form of High Temperature Silicone Bungs these feature two different sides that can cover different diameters, providing a multi-purpose product that is able to fit a number of hole sizes. Also coming with a washer disc in the centre these act in a similar way to a flanged product in the sense that they can cover the area around the hole, hence their popular use as Silicone Stoppers. Made from a quality and resistant form of high temp Silicone rubber and coming with a Red finish these are easily able to stick out of an application, making for both easy installation and removal from the application that is being coated, covered or masked off.
EPDM Tapered Plugs
These EPDM Stoppers are an extremely popular high temperature resistant rubber masking product, also known as EPDM bungs these are a popular solution for a range of problems including masking, protecting, sealing and finishing. Made from a high temperature EPDM which is also acid & alkali resistant it is hard to find something bad about this plug, especially since it is so widely used inside a number of industries as a Silicone alternative. These EPDM bungs can be placed inside something whilst being coated baked or covered to prevent it from also being covered. EPDM stoppers can also survive multiple runs and are a cost effective part in some instances, they are however an excellent alternative to their silicone counterparts. Widely known as Powder coating plugs or powder coating masking plugs these are often used during the coating, baking and finishing process that powder coating entails, however these are also regularly used when anodizing etc.
Silicone Cone Caps
These cone covering caps are a specialist masking solution for a number of applications, the cone shaped head allowing an easy covering. These cone caps are manufactured from a high grade form of Silicone which provides a number of special and unique benefits such as excellent temperature resistance, which these cone caps have in abundance. These high temperature cone caps are regularly used to cover and mask something whilst it is being coated or even baked.
Silicone Plugs w/Handle
Our powder coating masking plugs with handles are manufactured from Silicone and are an excellent high temperature masking choice, enabling ease of removal once inside of the application. Being made from a premium Silicone these plugs have an ideal temperature resistance of 315c and over, preventing them from melting or becoming damaged when exposed to high temperatures. These Silicone tapered stoppers w/handles or Silicone plug w/handle are a specialist form of plug that we offer, coming with an easy to grip handle for ease of use when it comes to pulling it out of an application after use. Also known as high temperature Silicone Stoppers / high temperature Silicone Bungs with handles these have a number of high temperature uses, from general masking to filling in excess panel holes, however the true extent of their uses is obviously endless.
Silicone Pull Plugs
High Temperature Silicone pull tab plugs or simply pull plugs as they are generally referred to are an ideal choice for use with hard to reach areas that you need to mask off, coming with an easy pull tab for ease of removal these are an ideal choice. Being highly resistant to temperatures these are most commonly used when baking, coating and finishing, all processes that may require extremely high temperatures in some instances. As a form of Silicone Bung these feature two varying diameter ends, similar to the Washer Plugs in the sense that they can fit across different hole sizes, something which our standard Silicone Stoppers aren't able to offer from standard. Each of these Silicone Bungs feature a thin pull 'tab' which is meant to poke out of the application that it is being used for. These pull plugs are available in a huge range of sizes and lengths which makes them a truly all round part rather than a part for a large application. These are a high temperature Silicone Stopper product that are commonly used for masking purposes, mostly found inside the powder coating, shot blasting and anodizing industries that regularly deal and work with these types of temperatures.
Silicone Ribbed Plugs
These flangeless plugs or threaded hole plugs as they are also known are an extremely useful and widely used masking component. Made out of a premium Silicone rubber these flangeless high temperature Silicone stoppers are heat resistant all the way up and over 300c making them ideal for high temperature masking purposes when coating, baking or covering which is common inside the powder coating, shot blasting and anodizing industries where products like this are highly sought after and popular. Also sometimes referred to as powder coating masking plugs or high temperature bungs these ribbed plugs are excellent for covering and filling in threaded holes, preventing the powder from coating in between the thread holes. As a fairly unique solution, these kind of Silicone bungs/stoppers hold themselves in place tightly, preventing the need for adhesives, fasteners or fixings to keep them in position. Along with their tight stature each Flangeless Silicone Stopper features a handle on its head, enabling it to be easily removed from its hole or panel once it has been used.
Silicone Tapered Plugs
These High Temperature Silicone bungs or High Temperature Silicone stoppers as they are also known are a popular choice for high temperature masking purposes as well as for many other applications including sealing and protecting. These Silicone stoppers or Silicone bungs are made from an extremely durable form of Silicone which allows them to be used for multiple runs and coatings, making them more and more cost effective each time they are used. Coating simply falls of or can be brushed off before using them again and again. Powder coating plugs as these are also referred to, are a popular choice for use when powder coating, baking or anodizing due to their excellent heat resistance properties, as well as their ability to be re-used time and time again. High temperature masking plugs or Powder coating plugs are a relatively cost effective part, costing alot less than some of their other specialist counter parts these are a widely popular choice.
Washer Masking Plugs
These Flanged Rubber masking plugs, or Powder coating plugs as they are also referred to are an excellent choice for covering the lip of a hole. Made to fit to the inside of the hole these plugs have a 'washer' ring on the outside to cover the surrounding lip of a hole, preventing the need for tape or a similar additional high temperature product. These are an excellent all in one solution, manufactured from a premium Black Thermoplastic rubber. Also known as high temperature masking plugs or simply as a flanged plug, these are a popular product inside a number of industries that regularly use heat.

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