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Square Tube Inserts

Our Square Tube Inserts or Square Tube Caps  for box sections as they are often referred to, are made from a selection of strong and reliable materials including LDPE Plastic & Aluminium Alloys. Being made from such materials improves the life-span and performance, whilst keeping costs as low as possible for manufacturing and production uses. Useful for all kinds of functional and protection uses, these Square Tube Inserts are recommended for capping the end of a box section, offering internal protection and integration through the use of tube connectors or threaded inserts. These Square Tube Caps / Tube Ends are easily fitted to your application, featuring ribs which hold the insert tightly in position, offering a truly long term finish that can be installed by hand.

We supply a huge selection of Square Tube Caps in a range of different sizes and styles to ensure we have the best possible option for your requirements, with free sampling available across our inventory where-required for larger projects to get a suitable fit. To view all available sizing and pricing options please click through to your required product below, where more options will be made available. 

All of our Square Inserts are available for free sampling where-required for large projects.

Benefits of using our Square Tube Inserts?
  • Manufactured from a high quality selection of materials
  • Ribbed shanks for an easy internal fitting
  • Suited towards box sections and tubing
  • Largest range inside the UK
Each Square Insert found below has a number of uses, some common ones include: Need help choosing the best size or style? Give us a call on 01233 713 581
Please note that categories such as - Square Inserts upto 76.2mm - Will contain all measurements between the previous and next category.

Variations Of Square Tube Inserts

Square Inserts 10-38mm
These Square tube caps or Square tube ends as they are also widely known are an ideal choice for use as a functional or finishing insert as they can be used for a number of different uses such as to protect or to add grip to a Chair or piece of Furniture. Manufactured from an LDPE plastic these inserts have a solid finish and are a strong product for use with a range of products.
Square Inserts 40-76mm
These Square tube ends are made for square box sections over 76.2mm, this covers some of the biggest uses that you may come across. Each of these square tube caps comes with ribs on the side which help to prevent the insert from falling down or coming loose once it is in place, these inserts simply require a slight push once above its application for a tight, sturdy fitting.
Square Inserts 80-150mm
These square tube caps or Square tube ends as they are also known, are a popular ribbed box section insert due to their easy fitting ribs which allow them to sit tightly, flush at the end of the tube. These tube caps can provide a number of uses including functional and aesthetic uses which see them being used as feet or even finishing inserts regularly. These are cost effective inserts with a number of functional properties including being made from a durable LDPE plastic, something which provides a high quality product.
Square Angled Tube Inserts
Square tube ends with an angled base are an extremely popular choice for use with tubular chairs and are regularly used with desks that have tubular legs, however they can also commonly be used with Chairs. Available in a range of colours to suit rather than just a plain Black, we can ensure that we have the best possible choice for your specific application.
Domed Square Inserts
These Domed Square tube ends are a massively popular choice for use as a finishing insert, however they can also regularly be used with furniture to provide grip and stability where required. Domed inserts may be used with Chairs as replacement feet for use with angled surfaces as they have a domed surface with grip nodules which help to stop the Chair or piece of Furniture from slipping over.
Chromed Square Inserts
Being some of the newest products into our Square Tube Inserts range, these Chrome finish options are recommended for all uses where the aesthetic or look of an application is to be improved. Such finish is perfect for use with all metal tubes or box sections, fitting in with the style required of them in seconds. Also known as Tube Caps due to their capping properties, these can double up to prevent ingress and remove the need for internal protection against common issues such as rust.
Thin Head Square inserts
Our Thin Square head inserts are a regularly used discrete option for the finishing of a tube or pipe, with the head of the insert sitting just below the flush of the end of the tube. Whilst providing a clean and functional finish, these are a cost effective insert costing similarly to our more standard inserts making them excellent value for money.
Square Threaded Inserts
Square Threaded Tube Fittings (Or plastic threaded tube inserts) are another widely used part that we keep in stock. They are often used with square tubes to provide a thread for external attachment, they fit perfectly into a square tube due to their ribs which allow them to sit firmly inside at all times, even with heavy usage. They work best when used with external attachment, however they can also be used to sit inside the tube to prevent ingress if necessary. Each insert has a number of variants and thread styles which ensures their effectiveness across a number of industries rather than just one or two, making these square threaded fittings an excellent all round choice. Square threaded tube ends are one of the most commonly used threaded inserts, commonly used with square box sections these inserts are easily placed inside of a tube before allowing an external component to be added. Fixings for feet come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, suited for all kinds of different fixing and product options, whether you have a tube, pole or wall area.

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